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SOHO Community Center
--HOME --
SOHO is a new neighborhood in Mt Fuji, dedicated to helping one another. We have a real 'neighborhood' feel. We help each other out, visit each other's places regularly, and are generally very friendly to each other all the time. Here at the SOHO community center, members will be able to send me information about their properties and post news and events and such. Non-SOHO members will get to see how much of a community SOHO is. Who knows? Maybe one day you'll move into SOHO ;)

SOHO is a place to meet new friends and hang out. We have places for money-making, skill-building, greening, and we're still looking for more people to join in! If you want to move in, contact Mini Maid or ynot Sims for more information and what kind of properties we're looking for. As for me, I am Ichido Kanashimi, a member of SOHO of course. So if you want to, I don't know... Congratulate me for doing such an excellent job on the site, go ahead and give me a jingle ;)

So, as for the links you see at the top... Here's a brief description of each.

Forum: Great place to post just about anything from events to requests.

Properties: A list of all properties in SOHO, including proprietor's name, category, description, and some snapshots of the place that I have taken myself.

Eventually in the future, there may be more pages than that. But, as for now, I can't think of anything else I'd need a page for. If there is some information that you need about SOHO, such as events and things, check the forum; you'll most likely find it there. If not, ask me about it.