Online and play-by-email games

Here are some of the games I have come across on my web trawls. Some of them are now 'sleeping wit the fishes', if that is the case, I will put a Word version of their rules up here, if I can get my grubby hands on them.

These people will have my eternal respect, because they are friendly and have a system that works, with the rules for preview online. It's A Crime by KJC Games. Take a look, especially if you are in the UK. There is also a flash site here.

Mobsters Inc. is a fully automated web based game where you can become a member of the mafia. In the same style as Mafia Mob but better because it's currently free.

Godfather by Pagoda Games: has an extensive 'player's guide' on the web page. A historical setting. There is a price attached to playing here.

La Cosa Nostra: The Underground: now deceased, but I have a copy of the rules here. (zipped Word file)

La Cosa Nostra: The Primal: the new La Cosa Nostra, a more of a fluid online game rather than the PBeM version listed above. Rules on the website.

Cosa Nostra: a free-form role playing community. You get to chat online with other players whom are part of a mafia syndicate. It has a heavy emphasis on playing character, but does not have a set of rules written down.

Bootlegger: an old PBeM game that is now deceased. Ran off the Gangbuster system.

Mafia Mob: an online community where you play a mob member and work your way up through the ranks. Sounds like fun, but it costs $19.95 a month.

Midway City: a mix of cybernetics and '20s/'30s fun! Some GM artwork showing what it looks like. An interesting idea. Rules on the website, but they currently aren't looking for players (and haven't for a long while).

Vendetta Simulations (who run the Gangster and Mafia webring) have set up there online game 'Vendetta'. One of my buddies online alerted me to its presence. Hopefully we will know soon whether it is a good game or not.

MafiaOrg: a new site sent to me by a friendly webtroller. Thanks!

Mafia Sim: once again, from the same person.

If you know of any others, please email me.


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