Games with stuff on this page and links



Bloodshadows by West End Games (no information on web page)

Fly from Evil by Cumberland Games (not yet released, for more information about the game itself, see the email from S. John Ross the author, here)

Gangbusters by TSR (now owned by Wizard of the Coast, but there is no info about Gangbusters on the web page)

Gangster! by Fantasy Games Unlimited

Generic Destinies (Roaring Destinies) by Dylan Craig (RD not yet released, see News) (available free on the GD home page)

Mean Streets and Dime Heroes by Deep 7

Mobsters by Burger Games (free download from Mobsters homepage)

Noir by Archon Gaming (web page has been shut down)

Pulp Era by James Carpio & Green Street Games (free on the Pulp Era homepage)

Rolemaster (Pulp Adventures) by Iron Crown Enterprises


Ghost Dog: the Way of the Samurai by Guardians of Order

Mafia d20 RPG by Citizen Games (free demo, yet to be added to their site, not yet released)

Vigilance: Darkness and Light by Vigilance Press

World of Darkness: Mafia by White Wolf (there is also Destiny's Price, which has information about the Mafia and other organised crime)


Cyberpunk 2020 by R.Talisorian Games

Haven: City of Violence by L.P.J. Design

Shadowrun by FASA (web page has been shut down)


Systems that don't necessarily involve mobsters:


Adventure by White Wolf

Justice Inc by Hero Games


Call of Cthulhu by Chaosium and d20 version by Wizards of the Coast (CoC can be played in anytime period and the source book gives specific info on how to run it over various time periods)

Fudge by Grey Ghost Games

GURPS by Steve Jackson Games (to use GURPS La Cosa Nostra, you should get the GURPS lite free download from this site)

Portable Role Playing Game System by Craig Griswold (free on PRPGS homepage)

Vampire: The Masquerade by White Wolf


Palladium (Nightbane) by Palladium Books


Games that don't have full systems:

These are free on the web, and are well written and presented.

FERpg (Mobhits) by Mystic Ages Online (10+ page Word document with a good system on which to expand)

Fuzion Jazz Pulp by Dany St-Pierre (it has a full system, just not attached to this pdf, a sourcebook for the Fuzion system)

Ganglands Arena by Aaron Turpen (runs off AD&D system) (There seems to be some complications on this site, but this links leads straight to the games, past the home page, as it no longer gives access to the game)

Stray Bullet by Andreas Johansson (10+ page Word document, very well done but not a complete system)

I don't have a group... I wanna play online. In that case, follow me.

If anyone knows of any games that involve mobsters not listed on this site please email me.

Don't know about these games, then go to the review section to this site; includes briefings of each game and other people's evaluation of what they think of each of these games.

Wanna see the stuff that was promised for these games, well go to files


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