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     Special Projects

Office of the Director of Special Affairs

Many details of DSA operations are classified to protect national security and/or DSA personnel. For information on closed DSA cases that have been declassified, please refer to the Casefiles section, below. However, the following information on current and ongoing operations is available at this time.

COBRA SPIKE is a joint DSA-USAF project whose goal is to develop and operate low-observable combat aircraft capable of engaging and defeating Grey and Saurian spacecraft from sea level to the outer atmosphere. Based at Davis-Mothan AFB, COBRA SPIKE uses proven technologies from the SR-71, Aurora, YAL-1, and F-22 programs in combination with experimental systems based on captured extraterrestrial craft.

The eight operational COBRA SPIKE aircraft are all unique designs, and flight crews must qualify separately on each one. Specifications are highly classified, but the COBRA SPIKE program currently claims 16 confirmed kills, with only 5 combat losses of its own aircraft.

Project: COLD WIRE
COLD WIRE is the DSA's law enforcement communications monitoring system. Using advanced keyword processing and pattern recognition software in conjunction with highly trained human oversight, COLD WIRE enables DSA personnel to identify paranormal events on the local or regional level, well before official requests for assistance filter through bureaucracies to the Agency. COLD WIRE can also correlate similar reports from agencies reporting isolated but similar incidents, allowing quicker DSA response to mobile or wide-area threats.

COLD WIRE participation is strictly voluntary; some organizations feel that their communication security might be compromised by allowing DSA hardware in their communication centers. Nevertheless, over 90% of local and state emergency services in the United States are tied into COLD WIRE, as are the FBI, DEA, and FEMA.

For security reasons, the location and composition of the COLD WIRE monitoring center are classified. COLD WIRE reports are sent directly to DSA headquarters, where administrative personnel distribute them to field offices as needed.