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The file B.NET and the hackers DONT want you to have

Diablo II

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There is only one file, and you know what im talking about.  This is the REAL ith item creator.  The hackers dont want people to get this because they want to make their 17 soj profit off every ith item.  Do you want to make the same profit they are making? this one file will make it all happen.  And the best part is its not a scam.  YOUR PASSWORD IS NOT REQUIRED.  Infact, this program requires very little in the way of information. FOR WINDOWS 95/98/2000/NT ONLY. DOSE NOT WORK WITH WIN XP or ME

As for me, I am leaving D2, hacking this game got too boreing. Here is the ith hack, use it while you can. I'm not sure if Blizzard will patch it in 1.10. Have fun.


        1) Download ITH.exe (at the end of this document)

        2) run ITH.exe (restart your computer if it FAILS to run) 

NOTE: this section added because some users said the program would not run the first time.

            (the specified dll might be found through simply restarting your computer)

                2b) after you restart your computer run the program again, if it fails again stop trying

                2c) If when you restart your computer and run the program again the dll is found, continue to step 3

        3) run Diablo2

        4) hit Alt+Tab to get out of the D2 window.

        5) follow the on-screen instructions given by the GUI (graphical user interface).  Type in what kind of ITH item you want to make, and type in up to 6 mods to make to the item (i.e. enhanced damage, increased attack speed, + resist all, ect...)

        6) go to act5 and talk to larzuk

        7) buy the ITH item, that you specified in the GUI, from larzuk. (you will need 200,000  gold to complete this action)

        DOWNLOAD ITH.exe