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Republic Of Yemen

Dhamar Province

Autma Or Utma  

CV of Abdulkhalik Alghabri
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Welcome to Autma Environmental Protected Area Website

مرحبا بكم في موقع محمية عتمة الطبيعية

Copyright of the Contents of this Website is for Mr. Abdulkhalik Alghabri, Autma Environmental Protected Area

Autma is descried By many poems as The heaven of  this Earth !! I think after you see this views you will believe that Poetries......... قال عنها الشعراء بأنها جنة الله في أرضه  أتمنى ان تتصفح بعناية هذه المعلومات البسيطة مع الصور

     مركز مديرية عتمة The center of the Area.


Some of  the negative effects

Autma is unique area in this world .It contain natural ecosystems . It has very beautiful landscapes involve endangered kind of animals plants and birds.

   Environmental Characteristic for Autma district.    

 1. Environmental diversity and availability of bio_ planting (replanting)

        2. Rare and singular plants, and rare Environmental Constituents.

        3. Fertility of soil and allowing

  a) Planting crops and legume more than   15 sp.

  B )13 sp of fruits.

    4.  Species of Vegetation

  • Presence of 800 sp of plants
  • Perennial trees 48 sp.
  • Odorous and medical plants 30 sp.
  • Grazing plants  sp.
  • Shade plants 10 sp.

Fungi and Algae 10 sp has been recorded



Autma district lies within the natural extension of the As-sash ranges of mountains that begin in Aden and end at southern peripheries of the fertile crescent at the northern part of the Arabian peninsula .These are mountainous plateaus in the internal central highlands.

Autma district is made up of high mountains over which straddle the terraces and grazing grounds. It has forests, many internal valleys . flood courses and reservoirs in which gathers the rain water coming down from the high slopes .

It constitutes a primary river of wadi Ramah from the north , the north east and west , and wadi Zabeed from the west and south west.

The lowest point in Autma region is 920 m, above sea level , while the highest point is about 2,600-2,800 m above sea level especially Samah citadel and the neighboring beaks and Bani asad fort in the western part of the district . Autma lies between the longitudes 44.50 degrees and 43.50 degrees and the latitude 14.20 degrees and 14.35 degrees .

The district is bordered from the east by Anes district and from the south by Rehab alqafar district and from the north by Anes area and Al-salafyya district and from the

west by kasma and Wessab Al-ali district .


The are area between the eastern and western boundaries is 232 km and the utmost width of the district from the northern to southern side is 27km .


According to the 1994 Population census the district has a population of some 131.628 persons out of which 122.008 persons are resident in the district and 9.620 migrated to other places .

District Division:

Autma district is comprised of five (Mekhlafs)-a Himyarite nomenclature .

As-Samah Mekhlaf (center), Razeh Mekhlaf (center) ,Bani Bahr Mekhlaf (center) ,central Himyar  (center) ,Samah Mekhlaf (center), the Mekhlaf (centers) encompass 57 quasi-towns and 534 villages made up of 20.469 housing,20.249 persons.

The district's population represent 6% of the over all population of Dhamar Governorate according to the  1994 population census.

The Environmental  Importance Of Autma Can be Summarized in the Following Points

The importance of Autma is very obvious as important region for biodiversity  .Hence this area should to be protected. It can be taken as pilot area for study biodiversity which represent the biodiversity on Highlands of Yemen which it is part of Arabic Peninsula western highlands.

There are many facts about study area support this assumption as fellows:

  1. It is officially announced as Environmental Protected Area from the Government of Yemen in 5th of June 1999, so most of legally aspect has been done.
  2. It locats approximately on the  middle of Mountain plateau  (The Yemen Mountain Massif) with range of altitude between 920m to nearly 3000m above sea level whereas the rang of major  highland Altitudes  between 1000-3000m, extend in Nabi Shoaib Mountain to 3600m., It present the topography, geography and diversity of the majority of High lands region in Yemen.
  3. It still keep  most of its natural and environmental characteristic because it was away from the civilization and development activities for long time, but now it suffer from many problems.( See chapter 4)
  4. It has addition environmental factor support it importunacy as fellows:  

        Yemen has 71 record mammals 1/3 of them large size. (UNDP report 2001) 10 mammals has been recorded in Autma till now.

         Birds in Autma about 48 species recorded there, 10 are endemic in the region.

        Vegetation in Autma is very rich. 800 species has been recorded in Yemen by few preliminary surveys, 16 are recorded endangered and 6 species are Internationally threatened. Rare plants and plants that threaten by extinct are in Annex (5) (Al Kholidy ,1998 and 2002).


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