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Firetruck!!!!                 Comstock, Image #KS76838
Could you save someone's life?

     Every person in America will experience a Fire/Rescue situation at least once in their lifetime. The Fire Science/Emergency Medical Training (EMT) program at the Career and Technology Center at Fort Osage is the first step in training for an exciting and high paying career as an Emergency Medical Technician or Firefighter.

     The normal work schedule for a professional Firefighter/EMT is 24 hours work on-duty and 48 hours off with a starting salary starting up to $24,000. That's an impressive salary, considering you can use your free time to pursue other interests.

     This program will thoroughly prepare you to pass the National Registry/State of Missouri exam for licensure at the EMT-B level and the state firefighter certification exams.

     If you like to help people and handle crisis situations well, a Firefighter/EMT career may be right for you. Contact your high school counselor for more information.



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