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The 'NeW arMy EP' is finished... the guys were in Mass. at the elite Studio 57 recording for most of last month and the month before... and I must say the outcome is absolutly fantastamistic! Meringue and New Army were premired on Carlito's show a few thrusday's ago and they rAwkEd... Meringue won over New Army to be the first release off of the album... anyhOozers, the cd is being released at the next webster show on the 30th (see me for tix) so everyone go!!!!!!

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As I said before on the main page tHrOnE is a local rock band from Haddam, CT. And I also beleive i was saying that the band is composed of singer/bassist/songwriter Derek Trafton, guitarist/co-songwriter Justin Millar, and drummer Casey Trafton. And along with that I said that they were all related in some way or another. Annnnnd in addition to that I'm sure that I was saying that tHrOnE was a ToTaLlY aWeSOmE bAnD! Well tHrOnE is more than just a really aWeSoMe rock band made up of funny hot guys, they are unique breed of rock band who have crazy personalities and a lot of talent that they know how to use.

tHrOnE also has another very kewl and important memember, Jeff Maker II (19), their manager. Jeff's the one that got tHrOnE out there, he's also the one who created Throneonline and took all of the pictures, and put all the music you see here online. And I wanted to thank him so much for the use of them. Jeff also has some music of his own, Justin and he,(Sonar the Hog Horf), were the one's who created "Oops...Poops!" (the absolutly hillarious and gross spoof of "Oops I did you again" by spear britney) in the music section of this site. He is also very funny. Jeff is now living in Boston helping promote thrOnE, and is having tonz of fun from what I understand. Maker II Management has also joined forces with Essential Group Management to help get tHrOnE signed.

To learn More about tHrOnE, don't visit your local library, go here ~>~>~> note:this is an old page fromJeff:)

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