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~Spifirifical Seefood Salad~

My name is Heather (feAther) and quite obviously I do like the band tHrOnE but in addition to them I like other bands and I do do other things than listen to tHrOnE and work on a website about them.

Some of my favorite bands are Incubus, Nickelback, P-Roach, Deftones, Blink 182, Millencolin, New Found Glory, SR-71, Green Day, and of course Nick's new band Insecure.

I am a proud employee of Geessler's Supermarket in my hometown Hell Hole, CT Along with being a cashier at the wonderful world of Geessler's Supermarket I am a junior and WHS, and I am of course also hTgC!

~*~Shout Outs~*~

~*~ Hey Lyn the psycho bitch with Turret's,K-TURNS and minty milanos chillin on capen and the dunkacchinopoo (evil grin) _lol_ ....Lena and Lyn, take thee to a nunnery!!! ~*~ Lena, are you loomies craaazy?!? that was NOT fun! AnYhOo, since you told Gary to go and screw himself {{basiclly}}your title just doesn't make sense anymore, my point is that I'm giving your name to Mindy. Oh ya annnnnndd... yo yo yo #1, where da hell is my gD money?!?. lisdexia (ya we are sooooo kewl, dead mushroom). 104fest ruled U biG poser/goddess of the plant! hehehe, hasta pasta and like bye ~*~ Mindy, the torch is passed to you "Godspeed Donut Girl" gayssler's rulz...well not really whatever. McDonald's milkshakes are yummy and carnivals suck (rite lena?). Let's catch the bus this time! and what ever happened to you getting a cell, huh, huh? even i have one now! ~*~....Mindy and Lena, nuh uh guys, TSR wireless guy?... I think not-_-_-_- hahahaha, freshman @ the mardi gras dance! ~*~ Nick you're not just"a bitch" you are "the bitch" ~*~ stUd mOnkEy nicky my personal bitch, this IS for you! and I'm your groupie chick too...when the time comes hun! ~*~ Insecure, you are the 2nd best band 4ever and ever even though I haven't even heard you guys yet and I'll be your GC too!!!! Linz wait 'scuse me, I mean gimpE! where is the DONKAY?!?!? ~*~ Sarah who has signed my guestbook 2wice with utterly insane messages and has been bothering me to do shout outs since I came up with the idea... eep ~*~ SHOUT OUT FOR KATIE HERE:____________ ~*~ Allo Allo, to all the Steves...o ya, chem steve BOOM! ~*~ Sorry if I 4got anyone just yell @ me and I'll remember to add you... really I will.

More stuff coming soon!~*~ New Pages will be up soon... Bands, Pix, etc. etc.etc.

~ Pizza the Hut ~ Main ~

.:**:.LiNkZ .:**:.

Insecure (nick's band)
Defaced (kick ass punk band from TX...Borz is a hottie!)
West Beverly
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