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Born on: March 25, 2001

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Welcome to Ray's Homepage

My Buddies
Go to tha RWU Crew!!

This page is dedicated to all my friends at home and at RWU

Hey People, as you all know my name is Ray and this is my first re-design of my old page so its still a work in progress!!

But first, the News

What a hectic year so far! I have moved up to Rhode Island and settled in here at gool ol' RWU. I love it here, and my classes couldn't get any better. I am basically re-designing this for my CIS 206 class, Computers and the Web, so it will constantly evolving throughout the semester
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The Home Crew

HOLLA!!! What up to the home crew, I love you guys and I can't wait to get home so we can all do that thing, ya kno the thing that the Don asked us to do... FUGHEDDABOUDIT!! This is a tribute to all my friends who were always there, I miss you guys like crazy and this was the least I could do.

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The RWU Crew

What up people!! I will never forget all the friends I made here at good ol' Roger Dodger Day Care... Everyone from my roomates, to the boyz on the 2nd floor, to the Secret Squirrels and Nutz Happy Picnic Club (goalie representin), and to all my peoples in Maple and Willow!! Here are my random thoughts to all the important people here.
Oh yea, u guys have to read my girlfriends poetry.. it is the best click here

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Hockey, what would I do without you? My favorite sport since I was 2, I have been involved in all aspects of this truly great game. Whether it be playing for a state championship, coaching an all-star team, rooting in the stands, or being an official, this game has given me more than any other thing that i can think of. This year marks the creation of the Secret Squirrels and Nutz Happy Picnic Club!! This is my new floor hockey team, and we kick ass! As for the NHL, I have created a page to follow the playoffs and add my predictions on the outcomes of the playoffs. Click on the picture to go to that page.

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