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Shirley Temple was born in 1928 to George Francis Temple and Gertrude Amelia Kreiger. Little did Shirley know it, but Gertrude was convinced she was to be a star, and what Gertrude said always came true.
Shirley made 57 films during her career as an actress, and later became Shirley Temple Black, politician. With this career came a position as Ambassador to Ghana and the world's upmost respect and admiration. Shirley has since then retired, and is now working on her second autobiography.
Despite the fact Shirley turned in her tap dancing shoes permanantly, many people still worship her - And will for many generations to come.

Thanks to a recent guestbook entry, The Shirley Temple Shrine is starting a lookalike page. If you or anyone you know look like Shirley Temple, please email callie_grl@hotmail.com.

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