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Dimples - Christmas Daybreak
Author: Callista E Loveday
Rating: G
A fanfic to the movie Dimples. Professor has a heart attack while Dimples is practicing at the theatre one day. So, while she is staying at Allen and Betty's house, she decides to recite the poem the Professor tells her every year at Christmas at the end of her play.

Life As Ordinary People - Sequel to Little Miss Marker
Author: Taylor C. Downing
Not Rated
This story takes place where Little Miss Marker ended, a few months later. Sorrowful and Bangles have gotten married, but times are still hard. They have adopted Marky, but are now reconsidering their lifestyle for their little angel of a child.

Gangster's Kid
Author: Taylor C Downing
Not Rated
A lost and rare Shirley Temple film that has been found and restored

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