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Welcome to Connecticut


Admitted to the Union Jan.9,1788.
The fifth State.
Capital City: Hartford.

Connecticut: Name first applied to
river, then to state; from Indian word
Quonektacut, Meaning "long river."

Nickname: "Constitution State."
Sometimes called "The Nutmeg State."

State song: Yankee Doodle.
Now playing.

State Seal.

On a white background,
Three fruited grapevines supported
by stakes; State Motto on
outspread ribbon below.

State Motto.

Qui Transtulit Sustinet
( He Who Brought Us Over Sustains Us)

State Flag.

White coat of arms bearing three
grapevines,embroidered in natural colors
placed on a blue field, gold fringed;
Motto written on scroll below arms.

State Tree.

The White Oak.

State Flower.

The gorgeous Mountain Laurel.

State Bird.

The red, red Robin came
bob, bob, bobbin' along!

Hightest point: Mt. Frissell.
At 2,380 ft., in the north-west
corner of the state.

Mt. Frissell.

Lowest point: Sea level.

Connecticut is bordered by: Rhode Island,
Massachusetts, New York and
Long Island Sound.

We have explained the symbols of
the state, so now let us start the
Chevy and begin our tour, by clicking
on red Robin's nest.