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Girls' Golf

Haddam Killingworth Soccer Club


Boys' Golf

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Boys' & girls' Track

Girls' Tennis

Sports Update

Boys Tennis:   

Shoreline Champs 2001


Baseball:                                                  Softball:
Mike Chupek -  First Team All-Conference                     Ally Chester - Second Team All-Conference 
Ryan Jurewicz - First Team All-Conference                   Jen Looney - Second Team All-Conference                             
Sam Todzia - Second Team All-Conference
Anthony Ferraiolo-Second Team All-Conference
Track and Field:                                     Girls Tennis:
Evan Gross - All-Conference                                               The girls finished their season with a 9-7 record. 
Matt Grice -
Erin Stannard -
All-Conference                                            Bridget Poulsen - First Team All-Conference
Hana Koniuta - Second Team All-Conference