You're a slut and you know it
and you always tried to hide it,
but everyone always knew
and that's why all the boys liked you.
They always said they cared
but it was only for the body you shared.
The guys always knew you were easy,
and it always made your stomach queasy
when you committed another crime
with another body moving in time.
And it made you feel more connected
the last time you went unprotected,
but when you made the decision that night
to go out and fuck extra light,
it will affect you for the rest of your days.
Even though you know the error of your ways,
what's done is done
all in the name of fun.
And before you knew you did it again,
do it only because you can.
But what he did to you
he'll do again to another, too.
And from her to someone, too,
and him with someone who may be new.
And so on right down the line
spreading like a growing vine.
No one knows where it will end
but it won't be with you, my friend,
because you've got it now
and you should never wonder how.
You thought, "It'll never be me,"
but it was your fault and now you see.
And everybody else has it as well,
it's going to make everyone's life hell,
because of your little mistake,
a chance you thought you could take.
But now you have it too,
and the epidemic has you.

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