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My Mind
Thursday, 16 March 2006
Mood:  sad
Topic: School
I feel like a total loser. When I was little I wanted to be a writer, then I hit high school and changed my mind. I went into psychology instead. This way I could help more people, really make a difference. Unfortunately, psychology is too damn hard for me, and therefor I am changing my major to journalism. Actually, it isn't too hard for me, what it is, is too emotional for me. Since I have dealt with depression for a long time, sitting in a class, learning about the theories of what is wrong with me kinda sucks. My problem is, I have no idea if this is right. I have tried to look at from every possible angle I can think of, and still nothing is sliding into place. I know who I need to call, but if I call, he will get mad, because it is too expensive or some crap ass excuse like that. It wasn't bad before, because he use to be online all the time, but no more. Jeesh, now I sound like one of those dependent people, really I am not, I just need to be convinced that this is the right choice, and I know he will tell me if it is bull or not. Okay, well I am done ranting for now, Loads of Love and Laughs,

Posted by crazy/squeaks at 2:48 AM EST
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Friday, 10 March 2006
Funny Friends
Mood:  sad
My best friend and I, didn't get into a fight or anything. But basically she told me, everything that was wrong with me in one quick phone call... I will admit I have been crabby lately, but I do not need my face rubbed in it. Also, all the fights, that I have had with my family, have been my fault, I will always take part of the blame, because it does take two people to fight. And actually, usually when the fights happen, I take all the blame. But she usually helps me see, that it isn't all my fault. Right now though, she doesn't seem to be her duty as a best friend. I am pretty sure I just failed a test, and I got nothing, except for a calm down. I expected the calm down, but I didn't expect it quite so bluntly. It is only noon, and I am hardly having a horrible day, how much does that suck? Really hard core if you ask me. I forgot that a chapter was going to be on the test, so I didn't study it, and last night I got into an arguement with my mom. Maybe I deserved everything she said, but there are still certain ways one should talk to their best friend. Then again, she has changed. I was thinking about taking a road trip to see her, but now I don't know. Now, I think I would just be a burden, as she made it clear I was earlier. Okay, whatever, I just needed to rant.

Posted by crazy/squeaks at 1:04 PM EST
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Friday, 3 March 2006
Mood:  silly
Hey Everyone,
So this is my blog, really do not have much to say. Other then here is where I will put things I do not put on my site under stories. I am doing this because, my stories are weird things that well, just convey emotion and may not make sense. Okay, not that this will make sense either, otherwise it could just not be mine. Anyway, this is just a more coherent space, where what is going on in my life will be put. Have Fun, Loads of Laughs,

Posted by crazy/squeaks at 4:30 AM EST
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