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Getting Started

1. Join the Ty Herndon Fans Street Team (Yahoo Group) to begin receiving newsletters and information on the Street Team...(free)
2. Register to join us on the Ty Herndon Fans Street Team Message Board (ProBoards)...(free)
3. Check out the current Team Projects and drop me an email regarding any venues in your area where you would like help in getting Ty booked...
4. We would also appreciate it if you would also include the Local Country Radio Stations in your area for us to include in our request links...
5. We would love to share with the team your favorite picture with Ty for our Team Members section...
6. And don't forget to share any ideas you have regarding the street team with the Webmaster...
Thank You in advance for your interest and support of Ty and the team!!!

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    we have a new one with multi-topics or stop by our new blog page...
  • Ty Herndon Fans Speak Blog Page
    This forum will allow fans to post reviews of concerts and music as well as their favorite Ty Memories. It allows for more lengthy posts. Please stop by and let us know what you have to say and what you think....
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