Dianna Joyce Roberts

Republican Candidate for Chair of Multnomah County Board of Commissioners
Special Election May 15th 2001

Committed...to repeal Multnomah County's Home Rule Charter because we may all unknowingly be living in an area where we do not know the rules of the game. It is my solid conclusion that the HRC suspends the Constitution of Oregon as the supreme governing contract within Multnomah County. Obtain a copy FREE from Multnomah County Counsel's office by calling 503/988-3308 (or click the link above) and decide for yourself.

See also the Metro Home Rule Charter.

Committed...to preserve Section 27, Constitution of Oregon, "The people shall have the right to bear arms for the defence (sic) of themselves, and the State, but the Military shall be kept in strict subordination to the civil power[.]"

Committed...to hold ALL government public officials/employees accountable, i.e, paid, salaried, appointed or elected including all courts, prosecutors and judges.

Committed...to substantial compensation to landowners who have been displaced or whose property value has been deflated by actions and/or regulations of the government.

Committed...to treatment and rehabilitation of persons lawfully convicted of crimes against persons without inhumane and prohibitively costly prisons.

Committed...to repeal of regulation/laws not properly voted and enacted by the legislature and which did not pass the constitutional test before enactment.

Letter from Florida Chapter President of J.A.I.L
(Judicial Accountability Initiative Law)

J.A.I.L 4 Judges Home Page

Audit the Government: Hidden Trillions? Eliminate Taxation?
Walter Burien and the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

New York Times articles:
Two-Tier Justice, April 8, 2001
Two-Tier Justice, April 9, 2001
Analysis, April 9, 2001
Two-Tier Justice, April 10, 2001

Wall Street Journal articles:
Wall Street Journal's Pulitzer Prize-Winning Article "A Doctor's Story" by D. Rabinowitz, April 20, 2001

More information: www.angelfire.com/country/DiannaJoyceRoberts/index.html

E-mail: Rosewood@teleport.com

Submitted by: Friends for Election of Dianna Joyce Roberts
465 N.E. 181st, #464
Portland, Oregon 97230

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