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Arizona Breakfast Club - 04/28/01
President: Eugene Kerman - Tel. 602 504-3997
Secretary: David McElroy - Tel. 602 265-4827

TAXATION, Can, will, and is in the process of being eliminated in this country through the efforts and disclosures of one man who is coming to the forefront within this nation as one of this country's leading Patriots.

Walter Burien, of Prescott, Arizona, on Saturday, April 28th 2001, made a presentation to the members of the Arizona Breakfast club, Phoenix, AZ.

Mr. Burien's presentation resulted with a standing ovation, the likes of which has not been seen for many a year from the members of the club.

Leaders of the community in attendance listened intently to the proposal Mr. Burien laid out. The proposal was referred to as the CAFR1 plan which changed local government's principle of operation, creating self sufficiency within that local government without taxation being used to meet annual budgetary requirements.

The CAFR1 plan begins with a team of assigned independent Auditors utilizing the standing laws for access to required financial disclosure. They will make a complete and thorough review of the current and past records held by the selected county and sub local governments within the jurisdiction of that country. This audit will not require approval or permission from a city council or the county board of supervisors. An independent team of auditors will not ask permission of the foxes to audit the hen house and then debate how many chickens are being eaten by the foxes. The hen house is audited Period!

With the raw data now in hand, the CAFR1 team will go to an Institutional Investment Banking group, or Insurance Conglomerate to have them verify the data collected, and within the second review, identify additional revenue or equity assets that were missed. With that being done, the selected firm will write a prospectus for the establishment of an annuity pension fund that will, from the return from the fund, satisfy the annual budgetary requirements of the local government, and thus allow for the phasing out of all forced taxation within that city or county. The prospectus, will show the cross over mark of return Vs budgetary requirements, plus the cross over mark whereby a return can be provided to the resident property owners on top of no taxation. The prospectus will have written into it a variable rate sales tax that is tied in to the rate of return on the fund. Good return, no sales tax. Poor return, higher sales tax. Note: severe and specific penalties incur to the local government if the sales tax option is used, until brought back to zero. It is possible to complete the audit and the drafting of the prospectus without the local government officials even knowing it is underway, being that most of the records for review are currently accessible or are already in hand for review by the CAFR1 team that is being developed.

The first county selected for application of the plan presented through the prospectus, will make that county a self sufficient government inclusive with all cities, school districts, authorities within the jurisdiction of that county. Done by the voter's approval for ratification by constitutional amendment.

The Annuity fund having an initial starting balance from the surplus revenues identified, revenue raised from the sale of enterprise or venture projects held by government that should be in the hands of the private sector, and revenue made available where downsizing was called for and appropriate. It will be emphasized up front that when the CAFR1 plan goes out for voter approval, that due to the importance of the vote, all voters are to sign and date their voting card for the purpose of eliminating any chances of voter fraud or vote tampering.

As Mr. Burien, noted in his presentation, composite government pension funds from the over 85,000 separate government operations, generated in 1999, a return substantially greater than all personal and corporate taxation collected from both local and federal government. Mr. Burien states "They have accomplished already the structure and ability to implement the CAFR1 plan! With administrative action applied, government becomes self sufficient, the public receives 100% productivity value for their labors, and the pool of investment wealth is now additionally enhanced to create the most stable, prosperous economy that could be possibly imagined."

Once the model is approved, and under operation on the playing field, the blue printed model, WRITTEN IN STONE for its fundamental and basic application which makes the selected local government self sufficient without taxation, and creates the potential for a dividend return on top of no taxation, can then be distributed across the country for further and direct application elsewhere.

When completed in one County, that blueprint can be distributed across the country to become the standard, for every City, County, and State. With one model in place, up and running, it can happen across the Country overnight by true force of public will and mandate! Additionally by performance comparison, local government operations will have to maintain high standards by comparison with other cities, countys, and states successes in the elimination of taxation and return on investment.

When the aspect of the annuity pension fund goes into play to phase out and then eliminate taxation, an association will be made available to all residents from any city, county, or state. An association composed of several large investment, banking, and insurance firms to review any city, county, or state for draft prospectus creation, and expedient implementation of the CAFR1 plan.

Mr. Burien, used an excellent example during his presentation where he laid out on a table his pocket change entitling it "The Rainy Day Fund," and then next to and separate from the pocket change he put a stack of hundred dollar bills. He continued to direct the listeners attention to the Rainy Day Fund quoting the typical government jargon as to this specific item until someone from the crowd asked insistently, "What is the stack of $100 dollar bills?" Mr. Burien then laid out groups of the $100s identifying capital group areas never mentioned or talked about to the public, but kept in all effects exclusively secret between the inside players and controllers of that revenue. Revenue which made the Rainy Day Fund truly pocket change in comparison.

Contact Information for: Walter Burien

Telephone: 1 (520) 445-3532
Address: P. O. Box 11444
Prescott, Arizona 86304

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