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News for June 21st, 2002
What? Two weeks and still no updates? Well, what can I say. It's summer and I'm a lazy bum. Sorry. Of course, in the past week I've been away from home and actually couldn't update the site.. but I'll try and get my butt back in gear soon. If it makes anyone feel better, I've already started work on Episode 3.
Updates: Nothing. Ha ha ha.
News for June 7th, 2002
I know there's tons of "glitches" with the site that need fixing. I'm way to tired to handle it now. So just take the update as glitchy as it is.
Updates: New Section: Mail Pie Man.
News for June 5th, 2002
Guess what, kids! I'm trying something new! It's called "E-mail Pie Man and Friends!" What I do is take a random e-mail with a question from you guys, and make a short comic with Pie Man or one of his friends answering it! I'm going to do the first one of Friday, so SEND YOUR MAIL IN FOLKS! Remember, send your mail to!
Updates: Art: Non Pie Man drawing: "Bwagotchi".
News for May 30th, 2002
Okay... so I updated late. Sorry. I was enjoying my summer. But now I'm back on track, more or less! Hurrah! Oh, and I'm not announcing my updates in my little blurbs anymore, since I announce it in the updates section anyway!
Updates: Episode Archives: The rest of Episode 2! Yaay!
News for May 14th, 2002
Hello, all! I've updated two brand spanking new pages of Pie Man Episode 2! Only two more pages to go. Later this week I'll try to add the Character Profiles section, as I already have enough art for it, but I don't have any time right now. In other news, I'm working on a secret side project. Oooh, mysteriousness....
Updates: Episode Archives: Pages 7 and 8 of Episode 2.
News for May 3rd, 2002
Okay, another update. I actually did all this yesterday but forgot to announce it. One new "Adventures of Daniel" comic, two new drawings in the Art section, one PM related, one not. Oh, and I took down the background. It clashed with the text and made the website look even less proffesional looking than before. Plus, it was pretty damn ugly. Enjoy.
Updates: Xtra Comix: "Adventures of Daniel" #11, Art: Added "Pie Man Cast" and Kirby Sucks", New Background taken down.
News for April 29th, 2002
Alright, I decided to give ya three more pages of Episode 2! Plus, I made a craptastic new background to the site. It's only on the main page now, but depending on the feedback I get I'll either put it on everypage, just have it on this one, or just stick to plain colors... Hope you like it.
Updates: Episode Archives: Episode 2 Preview updated, New Background.
News for April 26th, 2002
Okay, short and sweet. Two more drawings in Art, and a new Adventure of Daniel in Xtra Comix. Enjoy.
Updates: Xtra Comix: A new "Adventures of Daniel" comic added, Art: Two new drawings.

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