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I Hate This Game is gone, or at least going away. So if you want to read a review, do it while you can. All the images are gone, but you can still get to stuff on the left, or by clicking: reviews here


Magic The Gathering: Battlegrounds Review

Free Ohio disappears off the face of the earth and Hawke is left to update Banthor's AMAZING review of a silly game.
 by Banthor 07 15 05  


Kirby: Canvas Curse Review

Tim ups the number of screens he's reviewing to two!!!
 by Tim 07 05 05  


Vampire Vacation! Article

Banthor's loooooong awaited article that is different! Hooey!
 by Banthor 06 28 05  


The Power of Three Article

Tim's brother may have been too lazy to get him E3 tickets, but Tim nevertheless reports on the three newest consoles!
 by Tim 06 02 05  

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