Promethea Essay Competition

with Prizes


As an added incentive to try and get some more entries everyone who submits an entry will now receive a copy of Alan Moore's introduction to From Hell: The Complete Scripts
Remember to send your snail mail address with your entry so that I can post this to you when I receive your entry.

Announcing a competiton for the best essay on Promethea. The following prizes are on offer:

  1. Snakes and Ladders CD
  2. The Complete Bojeffries Saga rare Alan Moore Title
  3. I Have to Live with this Guy Alan Moore interview from this book

The rules are as follows
Your essay must be at least 1,000 words long and in English
It must be about Promethea
Entries close on the 30th August 2003
The winners will be judged according to the following standards:

Fell free to quote from any source you can find including my own annotations
You could write the essay from the perspective of a character within the Promethea universe.
For example a fellow student at the School of Elevated Minds who witnessed the fight between Sophie and Stacia or Weeping Gorilla who is still sore about Promethea having knocked him out with a single blow in the Immateria
Or you could write it from the perspective of someone who knows absolutely nothing about magic and describes his/her reactions to what reading Promethea is like.

Feel free to be as critical both in a positive or negative way as you like. Explain what you like about Promethea or what you dislike, what makes it interesting or boring to you. Extra marks for your thoughts about such subjects as the Tarot, Kabbalah, Aleister Crowley, Austin Osman Spare, Dr John Dee, Magick or any other subjects that occur in Promethea.

If you wish you may speculate about how you think Promethea will conclude. Be aware of the following quote taken from Gene Has website posted on 25 April 2003:

he confirmed he's going to destroy the ABC Universe. I thought he might have meant something metaphorical when I first heard of this plan. And so he did. But he also plans to destroy the world. He noted that most comics universes aren't really destroyed; they just run out of financing. Alan wants to be the first writer to purposefully destroy a line's whole world.

A Bibliography and notes will get you extra points but is not strictly necessary.

Winner to be announed at this site with the best entries to be posted on my Essays page
Winner retains the right to use his/her essay for further publication as a University Thesis or for any other work


If an essay sounds too daunting and you would prefer to write a short story set within the Promethea universe that is acceptable too.
Same rules apply
At least 1000 words long
Extra marks for incorporating other ABC characters you want to or any other Alan Moore creations (eg. Miracleman, Swamp Thing, Supreme)

Send all entries to
Eroom Nala with a subject entry of Essay Competition entry