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Before we begin I would like to enunciate, that these fics are in NO WAY related to the commercial companies individuals etc. behind Invader Zim. These are fan works, and make no profits what so ever. All this wonderful fic goodness is made as a pure act of love. In other words...don't sue us if you don't like it. We're all so very poor...*shakes head* On top of that, flamers will be adamently laughed at, and even displayed on site, due to their small mindedness and bitchy attitude. Also, you risk mortal peril flaming this web mistress as she loves a good verbal battle and will probably send you crying to your mommy's busom. In other words...FLAME ME!! I dare you....-.o *eye twitch* Rrr...

All these fics were either submitted or used with the author's permission. If you like something, please send them an e-mail. It's like a cookie for the writer's soul..mmm..cookie...they will love you for it. So please! Enjoy, heed the warnings, and take a look at the slightly scewed Slash rating system. Since this site is SLASH of the HOMO variety, (and we're assuming you know this now if you didn't) the rating system is a little different. Anywho, read on and enjoy.


PG-13 - This means no sex, although there very well could be swearing and slashly situations. but we're all adults here right? RIGHT??!!

NC-17 - Definately sex. Hardcore no holds barred kinda stuff. Not fluffy wuffy harlequin romance here...don't expect too much violence or brutality though that's why there's...

R - Sex? Oh quite possibly. More assured are very adult themes, brutality, violence, disturbing situations and/or horror. Fics like these will usually have a content listing in the summary.

LEMON - Who doesn't like a good ol romp through the lemon feilds once in a while? Usually one shot, with tons of dirty dirty goodness. Might pucker your lips if you're not used to such strong flavors.

LIME - One shot, mild sex. Pretty romantic/fluffy but definately for an older audience.






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