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The Collective Works of Cody Wyers

Monday, August 04, 2003
3:36pm - I'm just sitting around in my room, otherwise known as the fortress of solitude, or the cave. I've given up on my Ashen project. The universe will go on, as will the characters, but until I come up with a decent plot to apply them to, I won't kid myself with dreams of a production involving them. You can find more about ashen at the [Wyered Hawks] Website. Although, I nearly to the point of abandoning that as well, but not quite. ^_- What I'm really looking forward to is my current imaginative thrill. That is the project I've named feather for now. It really should have a cool name, but feather fits for now, and since its still in developmental stages, I don't seem to need to change it. Feather is a bout a guy with a lot of problems. Instead of whining about them he just keeps going. Its a neat story set in a fantasy environment, as always, but unlike Ashen will be, this story is quite depressing. Almost Bererk-ish in a way. Anyways, look forward to it. I've started sketching out the first panels, and they look really cool. Character design is almost better than Ashen, but thats okay because there are only 2 main characters so its easier to hone them to perfection. Unfortunaly, the main characters are still nameless. HAHA! usually people do that part first. Oh well, im gonna go back to drawing.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003
2:36pm - I put up a counter again. I rather foolishly deleted the old one. I know it was in the 2000+ range. So I believe it to the rather accurate now that I have manually put in the hits. There is a LAN party tonight at one of my friends houses. Its gonna be much fun. It starts at 3pm so I had better get going soon.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003
10:20pm - I just got back from working at my grandparents house. I finally found time to turn the thumbnails in the gallery into links to the actual image files. I'm sorry for taking so long about that. I will turn the thumbnails into links to .html files with basic facts and comments about the image. It'll be kinda like the gallery at [Polykarbon]. Go there and see if your curious.

Thursday, July 24, 2003
11:29pm - I finally got around to updating the website design. However, I have not updated the actual images in gallery. I decided to make the layout even more simple than before. Rather mysterious, no? This Section of the site will eventually be a weblog for me to replace the evil that is [LiveJournal]. I'm going to get my Online-Friend Nate to teach me how to do PHP Blogs. He has already sent me the code, but I'm sure I'll have lots of questions for him. Unfortuantly, I will not be able to implement it until I get my own URL. Hopefully will be availible. Since I've yet to come across another Cody Wyers, my chances are looking rather high.

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