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Deformity rules! Ah yes. Benji and Jojo finally have their own site for their adventures. Nothing can come out of this... I dunno... fun? All I know is that I enjoy drawing these comics, because it helps me relax. There's not much of a plot to this comic.... okay! I confess! There is no plot! "The Adventures of Benji and Jojo" is mainly just a cluster of random thoughts, ideas, and hilarity. I myself, if you are wondering (which I know you aren't), am NOT a Nazi, a member of the KKK, a Democrat, a good speller, a racist, or any other naughty thing society spits out. I'm just a girl who happens to like randomness, and a good laugh, so please try not to take any offense to comments or remarks made in the comic, because this comic is not here to hate. It's here to love and give peace to the world.... *cough cough hack* Yea right. Sorry for lying. Couldn't resist. But really, don't flame me for something you find offensive on my site, because I'm only trying to make people laugh and crap in their pants, because that's the kind of person I am. Before this gets any longer, I better get to the disclaimer and stuff. *clears throat* "The Adventures of Benji and Jojo" is © by Kayu Ishida AKA Yanagi Yoko AKA Kaylee B....who is me.. so don't even think about stealing my characters, comics, and anything from my site without my permission. If you do choose to take what doesn't belong to you, you will face the wrath of my vengeful warrior monkies with mustard covered faces.....of DOOM! Now for disclaimer! I do not own Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, PotC, LotR, HP, ect... or any other actor, actress, movie, book, product, or company that might be mentioned in the comic. Now..enjoy life while I slave over this comic! Yay!



That's right! I moved the site to a host that's made for hosting webcomics. No offense to Angelfire, but it's really not meant for webcomics, imo. So I've decided to move. It's much easier to manage with my new host, Smack Jeeves. SO!!!!


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This site was born on...uh... I dunno... sometime in March of 2004.