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These pics were submitted by Michael Dobran of 2 FLT Preston.Served during the early 80's .....which to all of us seems like a thousand years ago.

CPL Dobran

LAC Dobran

Those were "great" coats pun intended.

Wee look at mee I'm an LAC

Anzac Day 19??

Anzac day some proud Cadets from left: Man ,some lassie,Becchia,CPL Slater,Dobran,CDT ??

Point Cook

Top Left...Cdts Gonzales and Espinoza

Top Right..."I dunno what do you think ??I dunno either lets check the manual."

Middle Left...Cdt Dobran ...hey look at me I'm near a ...ummmm...ah...a plane!!

Middle Left...agent X taking an illegal snapshot of an Iroquois at Laverton AFB,the troops later rappelled from this "mighty slick" no pics unfortunately ..we were beaten to a pulp for the negatives.

Bottom Left...Cdt Espinoza gee look at me Mom does my bum look big in this.Bet I sure look slim next to this Herc!!!

Bottom Right... cdts Espinoza and Becchia making sure no one but NO ONE comes close to this baby ..other cadets to the right checking to see if their camera still works after the beatings for taking happy snaps of the "HUEY"