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More Pics and Mayhem

The Legend

Second to None baby oh yeah!!! Well it was in my day !!

That's a GUARD DOG!!!

Here I am with my sister and the late "daisy". One Friday night before taking off to the Preston Barracks where 2 Flight was located. Wish I could fit into my uniform again!!!!!

extra extra read all about it

The Bivouacs

They were the best of times they were the worst of times ...hence the Puckapunyal and Broadford we all remember PUCKA'S MARAUDERS

Puckapunyal never was the same after we wrecked the joint! Well here we go starting from the top left hand pic. we have Provan,Espinoza,Dobran,.......someone help me out here I can't remember this guy's name. Then we have WOD Malavisi and CPL Stephens at 2 Flt Barracks. Moving right along Dobran and Sedunary shaking hands ...obviously someone made a pact..(Blood Brothers maybe??) Then we have "lean on me" Sedunary,Dobran,Finniss. Then a lovely group shot don't wanna know where those bayonets have been !!! And finally ....see I told you AC Stephens would never let me take off that bloody M1 Helmet!!! wonder it stunted my growth ...cooked a couple of brain cells too. Oh Yes where are my manners ...from left Malavisi,Stephens,Espinoza,Sedunary,Malavisi,Dobran(South African Zelous Scout)


From top where are the indians?? or the Para which was attached to this chute hmmm???( Seds ensuring they all knew what they were doing ).

Bottom Left... CUO Finiss ensuring that the latrine work has begun Cpl Dobran of course relieved he didn't have to clean em with a toothbrush ..."hell I only dig em I don't clean em"

Bottom right... Cpl Stephens on a yabbie hunt!! Never mind the damp socks at least the YABS were tasty.

more pucka

Some more shots

Bottom Left...Cdt James given a wake up call by Cdt Dobran at Broadford....There is only one way to deal with insobordination says "Doctor Death".

Bottom Right:This shot was taken as an example of camoflage and consealment: that if you are looking for us and we can have time to take a photo of you from our ambush spot then rest assured that you will go home in a body bag.

WOD Malavisi & CUO Finiss

We never questioned authority!! but we have got to ask what the hell are you adjusting WOD

There's that helmet again!!!

The Infamous Cricket Match between 2 Flight and some other Flight,I remember coming back in the jeep that day with the roof and doors off the damn thing and as Melbourne weather would have it It pissed down . Cdt Scicluna and Cdt Listro were with me at the time,should have seen the stares we got on Bell Street .

submitted by David Stephens:

"Hello Vladimir Received your e-mail address via HQ. How time flies. I found some old photos of you. One of which is attached. Good for a laugh. I am now based at 405 SQN Sunshine (5 Flight). Regards David S 405 Sqn AAFC "