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In that various sources of information online are at times removed or the hosting site is brought down, this citation support service is provided to contributors who cite online information in their essays or commentary. Virtually any online information that can be e-mailed or "copied & pasted" to e-mail can be stored in this archive and will receive a new and direct URL which can be provided in the notes of your contribution. If the author is so inclined he or she may also use this citation archive to put material that is not currently online but is too lengthy to be included in the notes, online for review.

Every document added to the support archive will have its own individual URL which may be given in the contribution's footnotes. Although this service operates through an e-group, no actual e-mails will be sent from this archive. The sole purpose of this group is to provide a safe storage location with individual URLs for articles cited in texts in the ECCMEI collection.

Specific directions on how to use this service are as follows:

1. First locate or create the material you wish to store in the archive. Some online services allow you to e-mail versions of their material, which makes the process easier. Most other material can be "copied & pasted" from the internet to your e-mail and then sent as e-mail. For material that is not currently online, you can simply type in the material into your e-mail.

2. The subject line of your article should be the title of your contribution to the ECCMEI collection. Material placed into the archive that is not directly related to a ECCMEI contribution will be deleted.

3. In the text of your e-mail, either at the start or the end, the original source of the material must be provided. In cases of online material, this includes the original URL. In cases of material from offline sources, complete bibliographic information must be included; title, author, issue or edition, ISBN, et cetera. Material that is posted without providing the required information for others to check its authenticity will be deleted from the archive.

4. Once your e-mail is composed, send it to:

Your addition is then added to the archive.

5. To access the archive, go to From here you will see a chronological table which organizes the archive in sequence of addition.

6. To obtain the direct URL to your citation, simply note the message number. The direct URL is the same as the archive URL with an added /messages and another slash and the message number - /1. Hence the Example citation's direct URL is This URL can then be used to present your cited material on the Internet, both in the notes of your contribution as well as elsewhere.

This service is meant to provide a permanent archive for citations and provides an option for contributors who wish to present information that is not currently online. The use of this service is restricted to ECCMEI contributors and must be related to a contribution. All other uses of this archive are currently prohibited although this may be changed with the permission of the ECCMEI staff.

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