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Welcome to the Cosian tourist, and merchant information center (web pages). The island cities of Cos are rich in history, dramatic in scope, and beautiful beyond compare. It was here, from the fantastic island chain of Cos, that the great war between Cos and the malignant, pompous city of Ar was launched. Needless to say, the city of Ar holds little love for Cosians, nor we for her. Cos is a mountainous island, rugged, never the less it is in this climate that the famed Ta Grape of Cos is grown.

{Vineyards behind the city of Jad}The Island of Cos is home to four major cities Telnus, the capitol, Jad, home of our great and powerful leader, Ubar Lurius of Jad, "Long live Lurius," Selnar, and Temos. Cos "claims" strict control of the northern trade islands in the Cosian sea as well. and innumerable small villages. It is a rugged island, its climate and reddish volcanic soil, excellent water drainage, steep hillsides, constant air movement and eastern exposure make it suitable in the late growing season for the growing of grapes to produce wine and for Olives to produce Oils and other consumables. Although not commonly associated with it, one of Cos' largest exports is fish of all varieties, the Cosian wing fish being an infamous example. Though it is not generally known, Cosian fisherman also provide vast amounts of the worlds Tharlarion oil, harpooning the Thassa's massive water tharlarion and bleeding their oil sacks at sea before returning to Cos to distribute the many other valuable resources of the tharlarion carcass. Its secondary products are: ceramics, ceramic products of many kinds, numerous medical substances based on the plant life found among the tropical jungles on the western side, and exotic birds. Unfortunately many of the Cosian exotic fruits are too perishable to be faithfully transported to the mainland which lies four days away to the northeast and six days away to the southeast. The Vosk Passage is not generally considered a safe transport to the inner continent but it has been utilized in the past. Of course Port Kar, whose location is not generally known, is not considered safe harbor to any Cosian vessel.

Tharlarion, both the riding and the high tharlarion is the common mount on Cos. Bosk are rare though many do exist for their milk and meat. Verr are among the more common livestock and exist in numbers everywhere. There are no kaiila. The climate of Cos is wet and kaiila die quickly when held on Cos.

There are few Tarn in Cos due to the nature of the island setting. The tarn there are, are smaller then the continental version. Continental tarn rarely survive for very long on the island.

Cos was once a volcanic island. Though its fires have been dormant for eons. The volcano, known by many names among the cities and villages, is most commonly referred to as the crater. Its caldera is now the site of a lush and thickly forested lake very high above sea level. The crater dominates the landscape of Cos and its roaming hillsides and rugged ravines are cut with numerous rivers and streams. Aqueducts provide water from the lakes fingers to all the cities of Cos and due to its strategic position it is the sight of the armies largest standing garrison and the home of the Cosian military academy, simply known as La Acadamia. It is also the Home of Cos' only native tarn force, sometimes called the legion of 100. Cosians commonly make a pilgrimage to its heights once every En Var, during which, the legion of 100 perform aerial maneuvers.

Cos is a military dictatorship, thus the continued rulership of the Ubar, Lurius of Jad. His power is vested in the army who maintain all policing duties throughout the island and who control many parts of the island through garrisons located in strategically placed fortresses. Most families of high nobility maintain their own private armies, paying a tribute to do so. These private armies are sworn to the service of Cos and the regular army in any time of crisis.

The Cosian government is made up of two bodies underneath the Ubar. The Senate presided over by an executive chancellor, and the Circle of Scribes, a permanent bureaucracy responsible for the maintenance of the governmental infrastructure. Taxation on Cos, because of the dictatorship and the isolation of its citizenry is very high. Not counting tributes to the government to gain favor politically, some noble families can expect taxation up to a third or more of their income. Political power and status is nearly always established through a traditional method of tribute to the government. Even military rank is often sold to landed nobility who can afford it and can prove their lineage. This tradition creates a tangible nepotistic environment where entire branches of the military are led by officers related to one another. However this might appear, since Gorean castes are normally determined by birth this rarely leads to ineffectual leadership in any of the segments of the economy or military.

Because of this high level of taxation and because of the high population and relative wealth of the Cosian Ubarate, most services are provided free of charge to the Cosian citizenry. Health and welfare are all provided as well as numerous cost of living incentives. Sa Tarna bread, the grain of which is fairly expensive for bakers to purchase, most of it coming from the mainland, is nearly free to citizens, subsidized by the tribute of the nobility. Prices on many goods are fixed at minimal profits for citizens but are supported by extremely high tariffs for visitors and foreigners. This encourages merchants from Cos to increase exports to the mainland to make profits and insures a steady stream of trade goods.

Goods that are of special interest and extremely costly to Cosians are, wood, grain, salt, hematite and magnetite (iron ores), coal, silver, (the silver tarsk is thin in Cos worth 20 percent less then the mainland variety when used on the continent. It is not highly respected by continental merchants.) Gold, (the Cosian Gold tarn is a tiny fraction heavier then the Arian gold Tarn because of the history between the two cities. Cosians as a whole believe that the invasion of that mainland city was for the betterment of Gor, Ar having been ruled by a traitoress at the time. Needless to say, Cosians believe they are better then Arians and it is reflected in their coinage. An interesting side note, The Gold tarn is not the common high value exchange unit in Cos, the silver tarsk being much more common due to its more accurate value. All coinage is stamped with the profile of Lurius and on the back, the tarn and spiral vine around a spear insignia

More information about the island ubarates can be found at Ubar Luthers series of sites about Gor. No site however will substitute for reading the novels so we in Cos encourage everyone to get or share their copies. Education on The gorean novels is a high priority in Cos.

The following information is lifted entirely and without correction from Ubar Luther's education scrolls on Gor. Ubar Luther is perhaps the greatest authority on all things Gorean and though many dispute his interpretation of some of the ideological aspects of Gor, his knowledge of the facts and details of Gor are undisputed.

Ubar Luther Continues his work researching facts about Gor. His education site is always expanding. Recently, Ubar Luther has begun to include detailed information on the origins of Gorean traditions. In other words Ubar Luther shows us where Norman drew from Earth History for his writing about Gor. This sort of literary analyses is very important to the over all understanding of Gor. Those of us who care about the perceptions of Gor, both the role Play environment and the novels, wish Ubar Luther Luck in his endeavor.

Taken from ISLANDS OF THASSA (#42, Version 4.0) Ubar Luthers Gorean education Scrolls. http://members.aol.com/UbarLuther/


     Cos is a mountainous island, even loftier than Tyros, though it does have some level fields to the west. There are many terraced areas of Cos and Ta grapes are grown on many of them. Like Tyros, family is very important on Cos. The Cosian color is blue. There are a series of northern islands near Cos. They are numerous but small, extending in an archipelago like a scimitar northeastward from Cos. The islands are not united and their governments are usually no more than a village council. They commonly do possess any sea vessels larger than clinker-built skiffs and coasters.

     The seamen of Cos refer to the left side of a ship by its port of destination and the right side by its port of registration. This changes when both are the same. Then, the left side is considered the "harbor side." The exact expressions "port" and "starboard" do not exist in Gorean though there are equivalent expressions.

     The capital city of Cos is Telnus, a port city. The harbors of Telnus are vast and wall-encircled. There are two, high, round towers guarding the entrance to its harbor. The three other major cities on Cos are Selnar, Temos and Jad. The Ubar of Cos is Lurius of Jad. Lurius is corpulent, sagging man, like a great bag of meat. He is said to have a daughter from a long-dissolved free companionship. He was once to be companioned to Lady Vivina, the ward of Chenbar of Tyros, but she was captured by Tarl Cabot and enslaved.

   The famed Ta grape, is usually associated with Cos though it is also grown in various locales in similar latitudes. Some of these grapes can get as large as a small plum. If eaten, they may often be peeled. They can also be used to make Ta wine. There is no description in the books as to the color or taste of Ta wine. It is likely that like many other wines, it comes in a variety of colors and tastes. The best Ta wines probably come from Cos though some other areas make good Ta wine as well.

     The Cosian wingfish is found only in Cosian waters. It is a blue, delicate, four-spined fish. It is about the size of a tarn disk when curled in one's hand. There are larger varieties of wingfish found farther out to sea but this smaller variety is found only near Cos. It has three or four slender spines in its dorsal fin that are poisonous. It can hurl itself from water and glide through the air for brief distances on its stiff pectoral fins. It generally does this to evade sea-tharlarions who are immune to their poison. It is also sometimes called the songfish because of the whistling sound it makes in courting rituals. Both the male and females thrust their heads out of the water to whistle at that time. The wingfish is considered a great delicacy, especially its liver.

     One of the most famous people to come from Cos is Centius, a Master Kaissa Player. He is a gentle, soft-spoken man who looks old and gray haired. It is said that the stabilization serums did not work on him until he was fifty years old. Centius loves Kaissa for its beauty and he seeks the perfect game. He is one of the seven or eight top players on Gor though some believe him to be the best player of all time. In 10125 C.A., Centius beat the famed Scormus or Ar in a riveting match at the Sardar Fair. At the present time, he is likely still going from tournament to tournament.

     The Chatka and Curla is a large paga tavern in Telnus. It was built on four levels. It has a large open court with a wooden floor. There is an encircling dais, some twenty feet deep, and over the dais are two encircling balconies, each ten feet deep. The place is dimly lit by wagon lanterns, paneled with red glass. They hang on chains from the ceilings and balconies. Over one hundred slave girls work there and each is garbed as a slave of the Wagon People. They all wear the curla, chatka, kalmak and koora. The entire décor of the tavern suggests the lands of the Wagon Peoples. There are painted scenes of hunting, raiding, bosk herds, and the city of Turia. The girls are taught to say to patrons "A girl would rejoice if she were permitted to please you in an alcove." Some patrons bring their own whips or quirts to the tavern so the girls must ensure they do not offend the patrons. Free women may come here, if they are escorted. The tavern sometimes has dancers and they may be displayed in the center of the red wooden floor within the painted yellow ring of the slave circle. The tavern is not an open place though so the girls cannot just leave it. Double iron gates bar the entrance.

     The Vosk River has been long an area of contention between Cos and Tyros and their enemy Ar. All of them claim the southern shore of the river as their own. As Ar is landlocked, the Vosk River is very important. Most of the Arian ships were wharfed at Ar's Station. Cos and Tyros must transport their ships to the continent and then carry them overland to the river. Cos and Tyros used to support Vosk pirates against Ar. But, the formation of the Vosk League has ended much of the piracy on the Vosk.

     Port Cos, one of the primary cities on the Vosk River, was founded by settlers from Cos over a century ago. It is a colony whose ties to Cos are largely historical and cultural. It possesses its own Home Stone and is independent from Cos. Many officers of Port Cos were once native Cosians, mercenaries or veterans of the Cosian navy, on detached duty. During the events of the Jason Marshall trilogy, the Gorean books #14 to #16, Port Cos became a member of the Vosk League. Ar would not let Ar's Station become a member of the Vosk League because they did not want to lose their influence on the Vosk River.

     The events of Players of Gor begin to detail a grand war between the forces of Cos and Tyros against Ar. Once again, traitors within their intended victim, Ar, help Cos and Tyros in their efforts. Cos is the primary leader in this attacking force. The naval forces land at Brundiniusm and conquer that city. They then begin their movements toward Ar. Cos eventually attack's Ar's Station. Cos is repelled by elements of the Vosk League but Ar claims their Home Stone and takes it to Ar. It is claimed that Ar's Station collaborated with Cos and are traitors. About 50,000 troops of Ar are sent to the Vosk Delta seeking Cosians but this is an elaborate trap. About 45,000 of those men perish in the delta on a wild goose chase.

     At this time, Marlenus is in the Voltai on a punitive strike against Treve. The regent of Ar is now alleged to be a tyrant and he is subsequently deposed in a military coup. Cos is welcomed into Ar for helping to deliver them from the regent's tyranny. Again, the traitors within Ar aid Cos. Talena, one of the traitors, is now made Ubara of Ar. The military forces of Ar are disbanded and Cosians take their places, sometimes wearing Ar uniforms. The citizens of Ar are disarmed and even the walls surrounding Ar are destroyed. Cos effectively ends up in control of Cos though some rebellious elements remain in Ar. Marlenus is still missing and the future of Ar looks dim.

     Unfortunately, this is how the Gorean series ends. The next proposed book, Witness of Gor, allegedly deals with Marlenus and Treve. It is unknown if Marlenus will return to Ar or if the rebellion within Ar can oust Cos. Even the Priest Kings may wish to interfere at this point. The Priest Kings do not want any single city to control too much of Gor. They stopped Ar early in the series when it appeared Ar was getting too large. Another unknown matter is whether Cos has had support from the Kurii. The Kurii have been strangely silent in the later novels and may very well be behind this attack by Cos. We can only hope that new Gorean novels do get published and the ultimate fate of Cos and Ar becomes known.

Taken from ISLANDS OF THASSA (#42, Version 4.0) Ubar Luthers Gorean education Scrolls. http://members.aol.com/UbarLuther/

Much of the background of Cos will be revealed to you when you decide to join our nation. The Ubar's Commander, Alexander the second will inform you of certain... things that are going on in Cos. Cos will not simply lie dormant and fat on her haunches. We of Cos have never been ones to do nothing while Gor lays like a slut at our feet. But that is another matter.

The OOC email invasion of Cos by Darrious Kril
Cosian city map designed by Damion Teluride
The Cosian city map

Rules and guidelines of Cos as of Earth Date 5-20-2000
{This image is not entirely accurate to the Gor Novels}

The Role-Play environment

In this column are the city RP guidelines, suggestions and debates on the nature of Gorean life. Normans books can tell us quite a bit about Gor obviously, and in Cos, by discussing certain obscure ideas and themes from the novel, we hope to uncover new and creative story lines and avenues of role-play. These guidelines are not "fixed" by the Ubar or any one player, but are discussed and developed by all citizens of Cos. They are, as you can see, "Out of Character" and, in case it was not perfectly clear, the previous background was "In Character." The tone of the "In Character" speech in this page, gives some indication of the atmosphere of Cos. Cos is a militarily controlled dictatorship, where speaking out against the government is highly discouraged, usually with whips and spear butts. That is not to say that the Ubar SN will be cracking down on the RP of its citizens, only that there is a context for roleplay in Cos. We feel this will be much more interesting then simply setting up a room called "Gorean Tavern Cos" and sitting around groping girls and drinking. Cos and its citizens are dedicated to generating and providing new and interesting SL's and RP. It is our hope that the setup you are reading here, will provide a chalenging atmosphere for the creatively minded role-player. It is our over riding hope that we may in some way help to inspire a new way of thinking about AOL Gor Role-Play

Lets make this perfectly clear. There is currently not a prohibition to dice use. We simply wish to gaurd against endless dice rolling, arguments which invariably lead to OOC, which invariably lead to mun arguments, and destruction of the city integrity. All this is saying, is that we would very much like it if you did not come in and roll dice to see if you can throw a knife across the room. Just throw a knife across the room and we will figure you are a great warrior and you hit your target! Its that simple. Dice may be used, especially between two muns who wish to for some reason, games of chance for instance may require them. The issue here is, and it seems to be something that no one can really explain, WHY DO WE NEED dice? Lets take sparring for instance. Does any one get better at fighting by using a random number generator? Does any one seem like a better warrior or fighter then any one else using the dice roller? This author would like to see some really awe inspiring fighters emerge from Gor. Men who can write so brilliantly that they defeat their enemies with prose. That is a skill and should be the mark of Gor's finest warriors. I can go on for hours about this but I will not. Suffice it to say, we in Cos hope that those warriors come and be Cosians. We know you are out there. Join us. A demonstration of such fighting will be held occassionally in Cos . Spectators will be given the chance to judge who is the winner of each event. We encourage all of Gor to attend.

since the initial writing of this several people have made some good points about dice. Since we on Cos are not pigheaded stubborn children, we are considering this advice.

Philosophy or Mission Statement
of Cos

There are five priorities in Cos and they can be weighted the same.

1) Play as close to the books as possible,
2) Educate rather then denegrate new players when they deviate from this rule.
3) Focus on challenging and creating new Story lines,
4) Surprise your fellow cititzens whenever possible
5) Absolute realism.

Is it realistic for a slave to wash up on the shore of Cos and wander the streets? No. Should we insult that player for making the mistake? NO. Concientious Rp dictates the actions of a Cosian Citizen. A simple IM message, friendly and informative can save hours of headaches. A slave wandering into a Cosian room should be told that she will be welcome when she has created an SN of a Cosian State slave. Or better yet, surprise your fellow citizens by suggesting she is a gift, perhaps the girls master is actually on the island... As human beings without benifit of foreknowledge and AOl locate buttons, how could you know? If you do not ask the girl where her master is, then you will not have the awkward moment of wondering how in the hell she got there. Simply some thoughts. My firt move would be to send her the slave link. Cos3.html#Slaves

Cos is a new and dynamic place already there are several Sl's for players to join. We of Cos welcome you to join us where we hope that role play will be free of the often tiresome and irritating mun and OOC arguments
Any questions or contacts can be made either through UbarLurius or Alexander the Second

Concept of
Male domination
at work in Cos

Cos is perhaps the most concerned of all the Gorean cities with what we care to refer to as, "the female condition." The greatest philosopher of Gor on matters of this nature is Clearchus of Cos and his book Prition has been read by every serious intellectual mind on Gor. It is because of this perhaps, that free women in Cos are... are more aware of the "dignity" that they possess as Free Women. The difference between the fine and noble Free Companion, educator of our children, ,Bearer of our seed, is quite clear in the context of the girl slave. It must be so painfully obvious before our companions as these bits of nothing roam about the city while the companion stays loyal and gaurded, sequestered in our homes..

What follows is a lengthy quote from Renegades of Gor. In this quote I think there is something revealed about the nature of life for free women on Gor. It is with these ideas in mind that certain rules are in place in Cos. The scene is set in an inn filled with refugees from Ar's station as well as many persons who would take advantage of the chaos.

"There was some squirming to my left, and, as my eyes grew more accustomed to the light, I saw a couple entwined. At first I supposed they might be companions, sharing a space. The female seemed to be making small, angry noises, the frightened noises. A large piece of cloth, probably her veil, had been thrust in her mouth and tied there. As she moved it seemed her hands must be tied behind her back. Her slippers were off, near her feet. Her robes ahd been thrust up around her waist. She looked wildly at me, the cloth stuffed in her mouth, tied there. she had probably been surprised in her sleep, and rendered helpless. When he finished with her he would probably carry her from the floor, either to his wagon and, if interested in her, leave with her, or leave her tied below somewhere, perhaps to a railing at the stairs, or perhaps in a stable where she would attract little attention until morning, after his presumed departure."

This is very revealing not so much in what happens but in what doesnt happen. The woman is raped and bound. And it is clear that the man, if caught in the morning, will have trouble to deal with. The man does not simply kill her though, as if there is a level of respect for free women almost as a matter of tradition. Obviously, because this is described as a rare incident, there are percussions for his actions. But there also seems to be the sense in many of these books that the laws about free women are understood to be a sham, a sort of look the other way mentality as we see from Tarl's reaction.

"I thought that perhaps the inn should provide seperate spaces for women, not just seperate marked out spaces, but a seperate room, or area. She half reared up. making tiny angry noises. He had gagged her well. Then he pressed her back to the boards. I blamed the keeper as much as anything, three copper tarsks for a girl, for a quarter of an Ahn, was outrageuos. It was no wonder that some fellow, under the circumstances, might be forced to make do as he could, even having recourse eventually, if he was desperate enough, to a free woman. I trod a bit further ahead."

Oh well do trod on further ahead Tarl, don't bother yourself with the free woman. It is important to note that while Tarl does nothing, this is certainly not the standard for behavior. Tarl , if he were not simply a rotten, indifferent, existential bastard by this point in the novels, could have taken steps to free the woman. Then of course, he would have owned her and he is busy so he moves away. What happens next inspires a simple rule for roleplay in Cos.

'"Do not approach me, sleen!" hissed a woman. Her arm was back. She crouched in the center of one of the spaces. Her hand held back, held a small dagger, of the sort which some women think affords them protection.
'"Forgive me, Lady,"' I whispered, '"I am trying to reach my space."'
She brandished the weapon.
'"I mean you no harm,,"' I said. I do not think it is a good idea for women to carry such weapons, incidentally. Their pretentiousness, annoys some men. Indeed, some men will kill a woman with such a weapon rather then take the moment or so necessary to disarm her and make her helpless.
'"Do not approach me!" she hissed. '"Oh! she said. 'Stop! You're hurting me!"'

Well then of course he disarms her, gags her , ties her and cuts the hooks from her robes so if she moves she will strip herself. That is a pretty clever move, but the women in the Gor novels do not seem to squirm around too much. This author has had quite a time of tying even a small girl who was squirming about. I suppose it may have been the presence of a knife and the atmosphere of Gor that makes this sort of thing easier. In any case, her resistance makes little difference. In role play this translates to the following rules.

{The Capture of Lady Vivina. This painting hangs in the central cylinder of Cos. }

Women in Cos will respect that men are stronger. For example, if a man says he grabs a woman, he grabs a woman, period. Dice rolls to determine this sort of thing take away from the true nature of the Gorean World. It gives the woman the idea that she might get away with too much. The weapons of a woman are not strength or violence but cunning, charm, beguiling beauty and wit. Those are the tools that the woman of gor and Cos use to get there way. (There is ample evidence that there are many so called "Gorean gentleman" commonly referred to in the novels as "fools" who will for the squeeze of a womans hand or her smile, redeem her, or pay for her every whim to be met. Gor is a fully populated world, there is no single way to behave). On the other hand, The laws of Cos protect Cosian Free Women. A free Woman of Cos may say anything she pleases to a man. She may act as insolent, haughty, frigid, neurotic, bored, anxious or excited as she pleases. However, The minute she crosses the line, the minute that she may appear to be slavish, the minute she shows fascination with bondage, or another Free persons slave in a sexual manner; That woman should be brought up on charges immediatly. Intelligent Free men will know that such behavior is common of Free women, after all they are only women The level headed Cosian Male will take into account the delicate and confused nature of the free woman. If he wishes her as his slave, it is generally not very difficult to have a woman reveal herself, it requires only an intelligent man who is patient beyond ten ehn.
However, That man best have a good reason to grab a free woman or he may also come before the courts. Yes most of us agree that women belong in collars but law is law. Un-lawful molesetation of a free woman may be punished. Possible lawful reasons for whipping, enslaving, or using a free woman are:

  • Debt, A free woman may also be forced to work off a debt as a debtor slut, her use will cost a certain amount until the debt has been worked off. This does not change her Status to slave. unfortunatly her use price is often so low it only pays for her food and so she must while "working off" her debt, seek a gentleman, a man who will pay her debt and redeem her.

  • Theft. Theft in Cos is far more serious then in most cities. If it can be proven that a theft has been made then the thief is reduced to debtor slut status. rarely are thieves redeemed. As a matter of tradition they are enslaved.

  • Sexual conduct with the slave of another free person without permission. This primarily applies to the use of male slaves but there are no spoken of laws concerning homosexuality.

  • If a warrior rescues a Free woman by right he owns her. her family will be obligated to turn her over

  • Slavish Behavior, I.E. Calling a man "Master," bundling her clothes at a mans feet, crossing her wrists while in kneel. Willfully face stripping or allowing the veils to be dislodged without care to replace them. These behaviors must be pronounced but occasionally a list of them may be prinetd in the city with names named to the embarrassment and shame of some Cosian free women.

Collaring a free woman of Cos by Cosians will ONLY be done before the courts. email accusations of slavish behavior and so on will be accepted by the courts. Rape or permanent injury of a free woman is punishable by torture. Murder of a Free Woman earns the punishment of death by torture. LOGS ARE NOT VALID RP. Witnesses are required. By sending a log you are entering into an OOC action though you may not be aware of it. Sending a log shuts down possible future avenues of roleplay. After all, witnesses lie, rumors and rumors of rumors may spread and be distorted. Those things ARE GOOD for role play. In Cos we are here to write together and challenge each other, nothing should be fixed in stone however and good judgement is the key. OOC LOGS ARE NOT PERMITTED. OOC is highly discouraged PERIOD. I know some of you who are reading this have seen it happen. So and So says such and such and the next thing you know, for no IC reason, the city is gone. This sort of thing can not be forever extinguished the way human beings are, but we must do something. LOVE YOUR FELLOW GOREANS! Teach! not insult!:: author falls hard off the soap box::

{The company of Cos at the siege of Ar. Courtesy Cosian Royal Academy of Art}


There is one real requirement for slaves in Cos and it is taken from the Prition written by Gor's greatest philosopher Clearchus of Cos.

"The slave, makes no bargains; she does not desire small demands to be place upon her; she does not ask for ease; she asks for nothing; she gives all; she seeks to love and selflessly serve." Blood Brothers of Gor Pg 139.

Clearchus is obviously talking about the highest place a Slave may obtain, that of love slave to her true master. Not all girls will have this, new girls, untrained girls, will be raw of course. To expect them to be perfect would be somewhat ridiculous. Girls are expected to play their characters as close to the personality they have invented as possible and to use the quote above as a mun guide for what Cosians believe can be obtained from true slavery. There are to be no uncollared slave girls. An uncollared slave girl is a free woman or a runaway and a runaway on an island is unrealistic. Any woman may simply sell herself into slavery if she wishes ,or submit to a warrior. Becoming a slave is not difficult. This rule may seem to make Cos exclusive but in fact it encourages an actual slave trade where Cosians must go to the mainland to bring slaves to Cos or pick from the cosian beauties we have here. Cos is know to have some of the most beautiful women. Unfortunately it is known to have the most beautiful women by Port Kar, who seem happy to steal our slaves from ships they find passing through the Thassa. Please inform wandering slaves that they "can look but no play" and that they are welcome to come back if they want to create a Cosian state slave. One final quote, this one again from renegades (and yes the author has read them all but I am rediscovering renegades.) says what needs to be said about slavery, and I believe the nature of D/s relationships ( though that is of course this authors opinion).

"You do not respect me," she said.
'"you do not want to be respected,"' I said. '"You want to be cherished, treasured, handled, abused, mastered, owned, subdued, forced to serve and love. "
She was silent."
Renegades of Gor pg 105

Pretty isn't it?

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