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  Rose Mountain Pottery & Glass Studio

Fetish Jars


Glass Art

Kiln fired, fused glass
“Lotus Blossom Fountain”: This beautiful glass and ceramic fountain was presented on a PBS highlighted artist documentary airing in April of 1999.  The base is made of carved clay and glazed in antique brass.   The fountain bowl is 20" across and made of fused art glass in beautiful iridescent colors of gold, blue, and purple.  The soft sculpted edge of the bowl adds to the, organic feel of the water.  Carved clay pillars in antique brass, hold jewel colored, iridescent fused glass cups with scalloped edges.  Each flower consists of three moveable cups which you can rotate to direct the water flow.  By doing this you alter the sound from a quiet trickle to a deeper sounding waterfall. 

“Lotus Blossom” will be for sale during the KTSC Fine Art Auction on April
17th.  If you are interested in bidding on this fine piece, and supporting PBS, you may contact Wynona Sullivan at  719-543-8800.  The PBS, six minute video, of the construction of “Lotus Blossom” is available for $10.

Custom fountains are available to fit your specific needs, please contact me at my E-mail address for more information. 

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