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  Rose Mountain Pottery & Glass Studio

Fetish Jars


Glass Art

Traditional wood-fired, smoked pottery, Bear Fetish Jars
        These special jars have been an integral part of my creative and spiritual process.  Each jar is an individual, there will never be two exactly the same. 

        I combine both traditional and contemporary techniques in construction and firing.  I then decorate the bear fetish as it dictates, each one different and unique.

        Symbology - The bear represents “strength of heart”, as in a mother protecting her children and home, creating a safe place, staying in her center with courage and balance.  Porcupine represents “Faith, Trust, and Innocence”, like a child who views the world with open eyes and heart, trusting oneself, loving all it encompasses.   Horse represents “wisdom and power” acknowledging that we all have personal and spiritual power and the choice to use it wisely.

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If you are interested in any of the pieces displayed in this online catalog or would like to discuss a custom designed piece please contact me at:

Rose Mountain Pottery & Glass Studio
P.O. Box 224, 4110 Cordial Way
Crestone, CO 81131
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