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            Love is like magic
            And it always will be
            For love still remains
            life's sweet mystery
            Love works in ways
            That are wondrous and strange
            And there's nothing in life
            That love cannot change
            Love can transform
            The most commonplace
            Into beauty and splendor
            And sweetness and grace
            Love is unselfish.
            Understanding and kind
            For it sees with it's heart
            And not with its mind
            Love gives and forgives
            There is nothing too much
            For Love to heal
            With its magic touch
            Love is the language
            That every heart speaks
            For love is the one thing
            That every heart seeks

            Helen Steiner Rice

            Child Find Canada
            How Can I Help?

            Educate yourself.
            Join the Poster Program and help
            circulate pictures of missing children.
            Join the Web Links Project
            by placing a missing child banner link
            on your web site.
            Get involved with
            Neighbourhood Watch Program
            in your area or contact OttawaNeighbourhoodwatch

            Childfind 1-800-387-7962 Childfind Missing Child Information

            Children's Safety Hints

            Always let your parents know
            where you will be.
            Call home and let your parents know
            you have arrived and leave a number
            where you can be reached.
            Know your Neighbourhood Watch safe homes.
            Always travel with a buddy
            or with a group of friends.
            Do not travel in dark and lonely places.
            There is safety in numbers.

            If you see a stranger
            hanging around the schoolyard
            around the park tell your parents.
            Learn to give a good description of the person.
            Is he/she is tall or short,
            fat or skinny,
            dark or light.
            The colour of their eyes and hair.
            What type of vehicle they are driving.
            If you can,
            give the
            make and model of the car,
            and licence plate number.

            Do not go near people in cars
            who ask for directions.
            Step back away from the car
            and tell the people
            that you do not know.
            Then walk or run away.
            Adults or strangers
            should not be asking children for directions.

            Do not accept a ride, gifts,
            or candies from a stranger.
            Do not accept job offers
            from people you don't know.
            Do not go looking for lost pets
            or other children with a stranger.
            Even if you know the person,
            like a friend of the family,
            do not go with him/her
            unless you first tell your parents,
            and then let that person know
            your parents know.
            Do not go with strangers
            even if they are dressed like policemen.
            Insist on running home first.

            Do not be bullied into going to dark allies,
            lonely places, like in trees or forests,
            near water,
            beaches or storm drains.

            Running away from home is not safe or fun.
            Nothing is so terrible
            that you cannot tell your parents.

            Do not answer the door
            when you are home alone,
            or let people know that you will be alone.
            If someone keeps trying to get in,
            call the police at once.

            If anyone touches you
            in a way that makes you feel bad,
            yell out NO!!
            Yell and yell and then tell.
            It is your body and no one
            has the right to make you feel bad,
            even if it is a family member,
            relative or friend.
            Tell your parents or a teacher
            and keep telling
            until someone believes you.
            Remember!! You are not the person who did anything wrong.

            Over 75% of crimes
            against children involve
            someone the child knows.
            Children must
            Stay Alert
            Stay Safe.

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