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The mankind has devoted more than 300 years to search of the exact connection of color and sound (Newton, Scriabin, Kandinsky, Schoenberg etc.). In 1993, A.K. solved this problem (The Patent RU2118556). The discovery was of great importance. It moved apart the horizons of the human sight on nature having connected together different spheres, such as sound, light touch etc. It became possible to hear 'sounding' of a camp fire or to see through colors, for example, barking of a dog; it became possible to associate with animals another way: with dolphins,bats and even with bacteria. This discovery will changed music cardinally. The fact is not only that now all musical instruments in the world can be tuned in accordance with the only objective human octave - the SPECTRUM, but also that the discovery put a finish to the 300 years' period of existance of J. S. Bach's musical system.

Sound and Color

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