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Sound and color
The fundamental law of a nature. Simple and exact connection between color and sound opens new opportunities in a science, medicine and art. It, probably, will render the large influence on music of next century. 
In this kind of aquarium the fishes do not feel the pressure equal to weight of the column of liquid but, on the rarefaction because they are, maybe for the first time, simultaneously in water and above its level.
Special Device for Women.
Three milliard women in the Earth felt uncomfortable when relieving nature like the mankind, having been born by Adam without the chair, the spoon and the wheel.
Rotary Engine
In 1957, F.Wankel (Germany) invented a compact and hight-powered engine. In 1993, A.Korosteloff improved it considerably. The square engine has 4 combustion cameras. It increased its capacity very much not having enlarged its dimensions. Use: for example, in submarines.
Label - 1 
When changed preliminaryly, an inscription on the round bottle does not look distorted (1993)
Label - 2
The edge of the label bear the information.  
Having multiplied, the Earth has formed the letter 'P'.
The present for a pessimist. 
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