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Offering Ministry in:

Col. 3:17 Production's Christian Warrior Catalog

This site last updated: 26 Dec. 99

Greetings and welcome to the homepage of Lion of Judah Ministries

Founder: Darrin F. Coe
Affiliations:WTBA, Fellowship of Christian Martial Artists & AMAA
Rank: first Dan Instructor in Quan Li K'an
Third degree black sash instructor in Taijiquan
Specialties: the bagwa post, small san sao, 12 dim mak forms, form interpretation, pushing hands, infighting
Additional training in: Miller, Montaigue, & Dillman vital point systems
Published in: Combat & Healing, Black Belt Magazine, FCMA Sentinal

CCTBA Seminars

This page is dedicated to the unique ministry of the martial arts. Lion of Judah ministries specializes in reaching out to people through martial arts demonstrations; evangelistic speaking; Biblical personal protection clinics, specializing in predator psychology; as well as personal growth seminars such as Biblical stress management and leadership training. Lion of Judah ministries is also working on developing a prison discipleship ministry. Most of this site is at the moment dedicated to information concerning the practice of Christian martial arts and the way of training but from time to time I will be posting articles here, concerning other aspects of discipleship and walking the Christian life. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions/comments/suggestions or requests for speaking engagements.


Internal Combat Concepts: The system
Posted Apr.04,1998Some Thoughts on the Use of Kata
Posted Feb.28,1998 Conversation with a Beginner
Posted Feb.17, 1998 Taiji is about?
Posted Feb.02, 1998 Taiji Basics
Posted Jan.15, 1998 Philosophies of Combat Engagement
Posted Jan. 09,1998 Taijiquan and Trust

Other Important Aspects of the CCTBA

NEW 06/30/98 Christian Warrior Devotions

Updated 02/21/98 Christianity and the Martial Arts

Updated 02/24/98: With New Criminological Links The Criminal Mind, etc