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Taijiquan and Trust

To progress in Taiji one must develope trust. This is a trust in one's self. This trust allows one to let go of conscious thought, analysis, and technique so that the body will be able to do what it will do based on the guiding of the limbic brain.
This trust in one's self will allow one greater access to one's unconscious or limbic areas while damping the use of the frontal cortex and the connection between frontal cortex function and limbic function.
This trust is a conscious effort to distance ourselves from ouir humanity and lock into the instinctual or survival brain. This is scary for some because with this trust there is a realization of loss.
When you lock into the survival brain thiere is a loss of "youness" and a disassociative process by which your attacker or training partner really is not facing a true human anymore. They are facing Taijiquan, and you as a thinking humandon't know what your're really going to do after this disassociative process into the survival brain takes place. The unknown is a cause for anxiety and we feel "safe" in the world of theories and forms and techniques and styles but these are analytic structures designed to preserve our own need for order and thought,
not survival.