TransFormers: More Than Meets The Eye
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TransFormers: More Than Meets The Eye

"Greetings Fleshling"
Welcome to TransFormers: More Than Meets the Eye! An Archive of Cartoon and Movie Screen Captures and some refreshing looks at the Transformers. As well as concerning Generations One & Two and Transformers: The Movie, "More Than Meets The Eye" has info on Transformers: Beast Wars. Need something to read? Try "What is a Transformer?"
UPDATES: 19 December 2000 - Not much of an Update. I've finished my schooling for the Fall Semester, and I plan on revamping this page. I've noticed that AngelFire has hooked me up with an astounding 50MB to work with. I know, it might be pathetic, but it's loads better than the 10MB they gave me. I still have a picture of the new Convoy (Optimus Prime) from Transformers 2000: Car Robots (or TF2G as I like to call it), click here to see it. I've also managed to get my hands on one of those pesky Car Robots from the Shores of the Land of the Rising Sun, I might scan the box or something! All of the pages here should now have the same font. Goodness, took me long enough didn't it? Take care, and enjoy!
What is a Transformer?

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Rift with pictures and personal insights on the Transformers Cartoon serials.

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Rift with pictures and personal insights on Transformers: The Movie.

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Rift containing biographies, information, pictures, and personal insights on the era of Transformers called Beast Wars!

In no way, shape, or form am I connected to Hasbro, Marvel or any other likenesses. I am just a punk creating a web page for all to see "sweet" stuff. The creator of this website CAN NOT and WILL NOT be held responsible for earthquakes, strange alien cattle mutilations, volcanic eruptions, meteor showers, and the occasional flat tire. Thanks!
Page created on June 14th, 1998

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