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Opened:1971 Surface:Artificial
Capacity:65,846 Population Base:3,500,000
On Site Parking:15,500 Nearest Airport:10 Miles
Owner:Texas Stadium Corp Management:Texas Stadium Corp

"Even if you've never been to Texas Stadium,
if you follow pro football, this sparkling palace home will feel familiar.
The Dallas Cowboys have been one of the NFL's most popular and most-televised teams,
frequently beaming their stadium into many of the nation's living rooms.

The hole in the roof is the most striking difference with other NFL facilities.
The truth of the old joke that the hole is there "so God can watch his favorite football team play"
has not been confirmed, but the partial roof combines an outdoor atmosphere
with an indoor environment and does a decent job of protecting fans from inclement conditions.
The stadium is clean, well-maintained and plush, with few, if any, bad seats;
the proximity of the stands to the field generates intimacy on game days.
Meanwhile, the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, the Ring of Honor around the facade
and the enormous support generated by Cowboys fans all create a bigger-than-life, Lone Star State atmosphere.

Welcome to Stadium Lane and here you will find Texas Stadium Information
Well here you have Texas Stadium located in Irving, Texas.
The hole in the roof is so GOD can watch down on his team. Texas Stadium is a Great Place to watch Football and Root for America's Team

Where America's Team Plays:

Don't Mess with the Boys

Home Sweet Home

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