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transmogrify - welcome

Transmogrify - Frank,Dave, Andy, Ron, and Matt

Transmogrify is a local unsigned band from St. Louis, Missouri. Our music is an amalgam of reggae, funk, punk, rock, ska, and whatever else sounds good. For more information about the band, see the band history / faq section.

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news updates

09/03/02 : Frank is moving to Miami for a significant duration of time (6 months) so Transmogrify is, as of Tuesday, September 3, inactive. Of course, the possibility of a return is open whenever Frank gets back to good ol' STL. Have fun everyone, and keep on rockin'.
important things

This website and the text, music, and images contained on it, are the property of Transmogrify. The site was designed by Matt in July of 2002. Remember to come visit and leave us a message on the St. Louis Punk Page. Thanks.

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