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transmogrify - band history / faq

Transmogrify - Frank, Dave, Andy, Ron, and Matt eating donuts

::: HISTORY :::

Transmogrify started in September of the year 2000, when Andy (guitar) and Matt (bass) picked up their instruments for the first time. Being brothers, it was natural that they always practiced together, and thus the band was born. This might have been what the formation was like:

Andy: Hey, Matt! Now that we're both playing instruments, you wanna start a band?

Matt: Sure!

Andy: Cool.

And that was that. After making up a few "hardcore metal" songs, Andy and Matt met Jack, a drummer of three years, and continued the project, under the name "Green Style."

But the band lacked a singer, so the band never really accomplished anything. It amounted to Matt and Andy making up theoretical songs to play, and then asking Jack to make up some cool beats to go with them. However, the band knew that without a singer there would be no gigs to play, so the band started looking for a singer. The "singer" turned out to be Frank, a childhood friend of Matt. Frank tried out his vocal skills to no avail, discovering that singing hardcore metal wasn't exactly his "thing."

However, soon a problem erupted. Jack decided that he didn't like the name of the band as it was, and then started making trouble about what kind of music the band should play, and what the name should be. Huge arguments ensued, and eventually Jack quit the band so he could join some other band.

Well, on the bright side, Frank finally picked up an actual instrument-- A guitar. The band decided to shift focus from rock music to something different. After a month of making up new songs, it seemed that the band had now become a rock-reggae fusion band, drawing most of its influence out of bands like 311, or ska bands like The Urge.

Finally the project started to really come together. Frank abruptly began doing vocals again, this time to music he could cope with, and playing guitar in a 'secondary' role. Meanwhile Andy was getting more skilled with his guitar playing, as was Matt on the bass. It was around this time that the band finally declared its new name, Transmogrify!

It was also around this time that Aaron, the long lost singer of "Kayfabe," decided to help out with his mad singing skills. Aaron is an especially cool guy who is not only skillful at the mic but also with the ladies. His various talents and abilities helped transform the band from zero to hero in no time.

In the winter of 2001, the band finally found a drummer, named Dave! Now the band can be considered complete and ready to rock West County like no ska/punk/rock/calypso/metal/reggae/indie/fusion band has done before!

Since the drama has faded, T-mog has been playing shows and starting to build their fan base with fun performances and a neat CD, and T-mog is always writing new, upbeat, fun, exciting music.


::: FAQ :::

How do you you pronounce "Transmogrify?"

TRANS (like 'transport')
MOG (like 'dog)
RIF (like 'miff')
Y (like 'I)

Put the sounds together, like 'trans-dog-miff-I.' And POW, you've got Trans-mog-rif-y. Transmogrify!

Why did you choose the name "Transmogrify?"

Well, if you remember from the great comic series, "Calvin & Hobbes," Calvin uses a cardboard box to create a machine that transforms him into different creatures, called a "Transmogrifier." The name of the band comes directly from this. Also note that Frank's cat's name is MoG, adding even more coolness to the meaning of the name.

What other names did you consider?

Kayfabe, Shatter, Green Style, Old Cuba Stylee.

What are your main influences?

Andy (lead guitar): Metallica, 311, Bob Marley, Weezer, The Urge.

Matt (bass): Pearl Jam, 311, The Urge, Bob Marley, various old-school punk bands, & ska stuff.

Frank (vocals, 2nd guitar): 311, Pearl Jam, Santana, old school rock and techno.

Ron (vocals): Bob Marley, Sublime, The Urge, Cake.

Dave (drums): Everything!

What is your musical background?

Andy: Played piano for a year as a young one, and later played guitar for about a month as a little kid, but quit for some reason or another. He got back into music recently and started back on guitar in September of 2000.

Matt: Has always been into music. Took piano lessons for 4 years and quit around the beginning of high school. He still plays today. He started on bass guitar in September.

Frank: He used to sing in a school choir, performing such smash-hits as "I Can Fly Like an Eagle," and an earlier instant hit known only as the "Boy Scout Rap." He started on guitar during late December of 2000, but now does full-time vocals for T-mog.

Ron: He has played trombone for 5 years and recently starting singing. He is a member of his school's jazz band. He now does full-time vocals for T-mog.

Dave: Dave has played drums for four years. Before that, he was one of the X-men, but he kicked out when he pointed out that Jubilee really sucked.

Are there any openings in the band?

Sort of. Occasionally T-mog wants to expand our musical horizons by adding new instruments to our mix (e.g. Aaron will be playing a little trombone in some of our songs in the future). We don't have any permanent openings, but if you have a knack for any tropical style instrument, drop us a line.

Who made this website?

Matt, the bassist.

Do you guys have merchandise?

Yes! We now have CD's for sale! For only $5.00, you can purchase our first full album, entitled "Timmy Age 5!" If you're interested in buying it, e-mail Matt at

Have any of you ever played with other bands?

Yes. Matt has been a part of one of the worst punk bands ever to perform, and Dave has been a part of some ska/punk bands. Both members now play full time for T-mog.

Is there something you aren't telling us?



When Matt & Andy first got their instruments, the band came together under the name "Kayfabe." This strange ensemble was made up of Andy on guitar, Matt on bass, Frank playing bongos and spoons, and Aaron doing vocals and occasionally playing his trombone. Needless to say, the band really, really sucked. Song titles consisted of "Simmy," "Maestro," and of course "The Yellow Shirt Song." The lyrics sucked almost as much as the music.

What were these magical lyrics?

The Yellow Shirt Song, by Matt
I like my yellow shirt
Better than a submarine
When I wear yellow
It makes me feel keen
A girl I knew wore boughs
And she wore lace
She never wore yellow
So I punched her in her face