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A lil' bit about me: I'm 18.
(That's a lil' bit but here's some other stuff)
I attend Central Catholic (Yeah... And that's a sarcastic "yeah")
I pitch for the knights baseball team. (were gonna win state)
Ummmm hmmm I'm involved in almost anything I can be involved in.
baseball, Drama, Newspaper, Right for Life, spellbowl,Drummer for youthgroup, mocktrial, prom comitee, Future lawyers of america, and the brain game (Don't ask it's a long story) I'm an A-B honor roll student with a 3.78 GPA.
On the weekends I like to hang out with "the crew". (Yeah I'm almost black)
I have 8 sisters and 2 brothers (There's another baby on the way) My sister, Tangra is miss Indiana (That's all she's good for.)
And that's all there is about me that I want you to know.
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