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To all my C.C. Boys:
Rob (Cannonball will live on.) Justin (Bump Bump?) Zach (Yes, your always right.)
To the crew:
Adam, J-dan, Janice, D-Punch, Dan, Chris (Remember when my Dad coached us and made you run?) Karen, Rusty, and CC (Little One).
To Sarah:
18 Ehh??? Well, bestfriends, what else can I say. You've been there for me when I needed you. What car was it that you wanted again? Porshe?
To the Knights Baseball Team:
Aiming for the ring this year.
Evan- Man I would hate being you. Having to catch my wild pitches and all.
Kyle, Collin- Were the base of the pitching staff so we got some work to do.
Alisha, Stephanie.
Anyone else I forgot:
Hey if I forgot you, feel free to e-mail me and I'll be sure to add ya. Of course that's if I like you.
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