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Health hamster skin:

Any beautiful hamster skin is primarily linked to nutrition.

A good nutrition is needed for any healthy and happy hamster.


Careful with too much proteins as rodents do lack an efficient digestive system for this and should therefore acquire most of their energy requirement through the seeds they eat.  They might created ketenes in their blood, which in turn can provoke the creation of cataracts.


Its wise to stay away from too much homemade foods since the animals seem to have relatively specific needs.  Thus, I would recommend you to give your animals as much petshop food as possible.


There are excellent dry foods to complement the canned food, but make sure that sufficient water is given the animal when feeding dry foods.

Some hamsters have to be brushed on a daily basis.

This is very important in hamsters like angora hamsters whose fine long hair falls off and must be removed every day.  The animal even might get ill as it licks itself and so called hair balls are created in its intestines due to accumulation of this excess hair.

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