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The ultimate hamster resources page

This page is dedicated to the various species of hamsters found in nature today.  One reckons that the origin of the domestic hamster is found in the African wild hamster which inhabits today the savannahs of Central and Northern Africa.


This animal is extremely elusive and impossible to domesticate. However, its cousins in the rest of the world seem to have adapted to a life along with humans.

They are both hunters as well as scavengers and the saying of them being as hardy as a Juanvi not needing to eat for long periods.

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Bubble face seems to get along well with the others.  Jesus is the one who always was fighting with everyone else till we got him castrated.

After we did this he seems more docile, is a bit fatter, but is kinder with his surroundings.  We found Jesus in a trash bin when he has a pup, but now he has grown to a fully-grown beautiful proud animal.