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We seldom ask ourselves if the quality of life will be improved by castration of our rodent friend.  Our quality of life might be enhanced as the animal does not have the need of urinating and marking his territory.  The animal will turn more docile and less aggressive with its own sex and will not go in heat anymore.  Thus, less noisy and you will not risk losing him as he goes in pursuit of partners.

However, you should ask yourself if it really is needed as you are depriving the creature of a very important drive in life.  The lustful need of procreation.

The operation is relatively simple.  The testicles are surgically removed and the animal is fit to bring home just after the operation as long as there are no complications with the anesthesia.

Female castration is called sterilization.  The female, can in contrast to the male go into heat even though she is unable to reproduce.


Ask your veterinarian for further information. - Cages for Hamsters

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