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Hamster Breeding

Hamsters can have several litters year.  In fact a female in heat can copulate with several males and have several litters fathered by the different males.  Thus, litters of hamsters with more than one father can contain litters with no resemblance to each other what so ever.

To have healthy litters itís always advisable to avoid inbreeding.  One way is to have the pedigree of the animals studied before deciding which animals to cross.

Animals of distinct races do create interesting result, but one should bear in mind that they will never be show animals.

There are associations all over the world that hold pedigree titles and family information over the more known family branches.

Only animals in heat will have the desire to reproduce, and itís the female which decides when to breed. 

Hamsters should not have more than one group of litters per year to stay healthy.

Some breeders do let their hamsters have lots of litters, but this can have fatal consequences for the female if over exploited.

In case one is to breed extensively, the hamster has to be very well fed.

Protein foods:


Chicken (without bones!!!)


Milk products



Cooked carrots


Careful with too much protein as rodents do lack an efficient digestive system and should therefore acquire most of their energy requirement through the seeds they eat.

Its wise to stay away from too much homemade foods since the animals seem to have relatively specific needs.  Thus, I would recommend you to give your animals as much petshop food as possible.

Hamsters and Gerbils