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Greetings one and all! Welcome to my site, sit back, make yourselves comfortable, and browse around for a while. Here, you will find many interesting things, such as RGP's (Role Playing Games), LARP (Live Action Role Playing), interviews and tidbits on some of my favorite actors, some of my writing, and writings of some freinds of mine as well.

A lot of you may remember this site being called 'Lochlann O'Mearain's Corner of the Web'. Well things have changed, and although it is no longer called that, I will still have most of the pages on him up and running. After much thought in this, I have decided to do a drastic change to the site, adding pages on of interest to a lot of people and keeping the pages that are favorites of many.

I would like to thank the following for thier time, help, love and patience with me. You are all brilliant! :)

Mark (Ivon of Angaron) - My strength, my love, my courage when I have none, you are everything to me. Love you lots!

Angaron - To everyone in that wonderful group, you all rock!

Lochlann O'Mearain - A good freind who taught me that you can achieve your dreams if you so desire. All the best to you mate!

Beth - A wonderful woman who has shared good and bad times with me. You have opened my eyes up to possibilities that I thought would not work for me. A true freind indeed!

Gerald and Betta - Two of my best freinds who have taught me that I am a unique person and I can shine brightly in everything that I choose to do. Love ya both!

And last, but not least, to all those that I RP with, online freinds, and offline freinds, you are all dear to me and I am thankful to have had the pleasure of knowing all of you.

Check back often for updates... you never know what, or who, will be popping up on this site. ;)

As always, any questions, comments, ideas or concerns, feel free to email me at the addy below.

Your webmistress,

Ciara Rose

Email me

Angaron Foam Fighting is a full contact medieval combat organization in the Pittsburgh PA area. They do LARP (Live Action Role Playing) and are looking for interested participants in the above mentioned area. If you are interested, go to the provided link right below to find out more info.

I joined Angaron in January and I have to say that the people in the Realm are wonderful! They really take the time to help you with things and point you in the right direction. (sometimes literely! lol) This nationwide sport is quickly becoming popular... and so it should! I mean, who would not love it... you get to fight, full contact, with foam weapons (yes, they DO look like real weapons, not some puff on a stick). Meaning you can beat the heck outta each other an not be harmed. So who's up for a fight, eh? Check back here soon to find out all the goodies about Angaron and other Realms in your area.
days 'til Ragnarok XIX!

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