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June 2001 - Halle Berry's Expensive Breasts
Halle Berry has trashed reports she revealed her breasts for half a million dollars (333,000) - she'd expect much more than that for her best assets. The curvy actress reportedly received a huge bonus to strip off for her role in the upcoming movie SWORD FISH (2001), in which she co- starred with John Travolta. But according to Berry herself, the story was a complete invention. She says, "Totally not true. I would sell these babies for way more money than that. Totally not true. But it's made for great publicity for the movie. I don't know where that came from. Nobody's owning up to it. But it's totally, totally not true. "

May 2001 - Halle Berry Stalked
Halle Berry is being stalked - by one of her first boyfriends. Berry admits the first man she ever dumped has never gotten over her and still harasses her. She candidly admits, "He actually started stalking me. I don't want to say his name, but he sent me dead snakes in the mail and all kinds of crazy stuff. I don't think he's calmed down yet, if you want to know the truth. He still aggravates my life." She continues, "I feel really sorry for him. He's got some problems. but I'm really glad I broke up with him."

September 2000 - Halle Berry Spends Fortune In Pursuit Of True Love
Actress Halle Berry and her fiance Eric Benet are spending a fortune - as the devoted couple travel across America to be together. The sexy X-MEN actress is about to start filming her latest movie SWORD FISH along side John Travolta, which keeps her apart from Benet, who is in Toronto, Canada, with Mariah Carey filming All That Glitters (2001). But although Berry admits it's tough being apart, she's going to make every effort to fly to be near her second hubby-to-be whenever she can. She says, "It is a lot of travelling. But we will just go back and forth. We'll get a lot of frequent flyer miles, a lot of high phone bills. Where there's a will there's a way."

August 2000 - Halle Berry Puts Baby Plans On Hold
Actress Halle Berry has put baby plans on hold - and is asking people to stop sending her baby presents. Halle was amazed by the reaction to the stories about her wanting a child - but wants to calm the excitement because she and boyfriend Eric Benet are not expecting the patter of tiny feet yet. She says, "I'm getting to the point in my life where family is really important to me and I want to settle down. I never thought I would have kids at all but now I know I do really want them. But it's not in the making right now. I will have a child one day and after I get married that will be the next thing to happen."

July 2000 - Halle Berry Longs For Motherhood
Actress Halle Berry is longing to marry fiance Eric Benet - because the 33-year-old actress wants to have a baby. Berry has been "like a mother" to her lover's eight-year-old daughter India - whose own mother died in a tragic car crash when she was a toddler. But the actress is desperate to have her own child and plans to elope secretly with Benet in "the very near future." The X-Men (2000) star says, "I am so ready to be a mother. I can't wait. I notice every little baby dress, every little baby toy, every little baby thing." And the star has bonded with her stepdaughter. She adds, "India sees me as unstoppable and when I'm with her, I feel that. It is such an incredible wonderful feeling."

July 2000 - Howie Insults Halle
Sexy actress Halle Berry lost her sense of humour live on television - when comedian Howie Mandel made a crack about her hit and run accident. Mandel, who was standing in for talk show host Regis Philbin, made a quip about Berry just before she came in front of the cameras to be interviewed about her new movie X-Men (2000). He joked, "I just passed her in the hall, and she smashed right into me, then she didn't say anything, she just left the scene." But Berry, who has since spoken out about the accident (see interview) claiming she was disoriented and in shock after the crash, didn't find the joke all that funny. Talking frankly she admitted to Mandell, "I was so shocked to come to what is like a home, and to be disrespected almost to my face." Mandel backtracked immediately, assuring Berry, "I'm so sorry if I hurt your feelings, I didn't mean anything, I'm a huge fan of yours."

July 2000 - Halle Berry Plans Top Secret Wedding
Actress Halle Berry has decided to elope with her husband for a top secret wedding ceremony - because she's sick of media intrusion. Berry learned how persistent the press can be when they camped outside her home for weeks on end earlier this year while she was investigated for an alleged hit and run incident. And now, to make sure her wedding day isn't taken over by photographers and television cameras, she and fiance Eric Benet are going to take off and get married very quietly. She says, "We're going to just elope. I think we're just going to be real private and just do it. Nobody will know."

April 2000 - Halle Berry Fears For Her Face
Actress HALLE BERRY is terrified she could lose her looks after a car accident. The X-Men (2000) star is due to appear in court on Friday charged with leaving the scene of the crash, which happened in February. She spent 20 hours in hospital following the incident and required 22 stitches to a head wound. A Hollywood insider says, "This is a nightmare for Halle. She is known for her flawless looks. " Berry may also fear losing her multi-million dollar deal with cosmetics firm REVLON. Plastic surgeons say that treatment for scars can't start for at least six months, and there is no guarantee that surgery will work.

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