This idea ain't a new one. This project isn't just a here to take space on my web site. These ideas aren't here to expose only an opinion. I'm talking about facts. WE will be talking about facts. Yeah, this is a project that will welcome people, facts and opinions, and I'm more than happy I'll have help in making this as fair and plain as possible. Before reading any further or clicking any link, there is a little key word to be thought of every time you judge different opinions. Respect. Not everyone thinks like us, and just like you people have your resons to adore Leighanne, here are ours not to do so. 

        First off, its essential that you read this, The Evil Thing. Its not long, and believe, it will be a great indroduction to our subject.

    "The video (talking about I'll never break your heart) is ok, but the girl in the room with Brian... isn't she too old? Honestly? Brian and his aunt, thats what it looks like." - Carson, TRL VJ 


Number 1.

 How the interest began: You all probably know Brian Thomas Littrell, he's one of the Backstreet Boys. He is a sweet freaking loving creature, and with his funny smile and warm gaze he made a lot of fans fall for him. I was one, I confess. I only really took interest on Leighanne for liking Brian so much, isn't it pretty obvious to you? 


Number 2

Brian has a girlfriend: Had one named Samtha, yes. Really sweet, she seemed. "You would hate her too if she had married Brian because you are just jealous!"  True I was jealous. So yeah, I thought I was gonna win backstage tickets or become a new open act for BSB and Brian would fall in love head over heals for me. I would HATE any woman that married him at the time, and there's no denying to it. But you guys see... This year it will complete three years they got married. And it hurts that I can't be happy for him. If it had been Samantha I'm sure I would have gotten over my "she took my man away!" phase. Pretty rational, huh? But the thing is, what bothers me now is not that fact Brian is with someone that is not me, what bothers me is that he is with Leighanne! Before I was so tremeduously jealous that I couldn't read fanfiction on him where a stupid bitch hooked up with my man. Yeah, I mean it! Now a days I have wonderful times reading good stories. See? Brian not being with me is no longer a problem, and I even cry in happiness when he hooks up with the female character in fanfictions. But I still can NOT like Leighanne. Why??? Read on.


Number 3

Getting to know her better: Ok, I already explained what caused my interest on Brian. Its obvious concluding I have interest on the woman he says he loves. And maybe does love, I'm not saying the opposite. If it was jealously that made me look for "cons" about her it doesn't really matter, but what I found out is pretty interesting. Leighanne Wallace. One of the first times I looked for pictures on her (I didn't even have internet, like 4 years ago) guess what I found? The first pictures I found of Leighanne were ones where she looked like a whore. Sadistic outfits and all, I was so freaked out! I couldn't believe it! Then surprise surprise! After Brian marries her, ALL these pictures seem to have FLED from the internet. Wonder how much was paid for those pictures to be detructed. I've heard which was probably gossip that she had been a porn actress, but you have to agree this is something that makes you wonder, specially after seeing the pics I saw that unfortunately I never managed to save. Now I have a friend that is finding out from sources she was a Stripper. This is one of the people who will be working with me. She's out to find the NAME of the club she stripped for. Whoa! Shocking? I hope it is. At least for us Anti-Leighanne to be taken more seriously. I said all the pics from her stripper time were removed from the internet, right? Nonetheless, ONE was saved somehow. (got another in the banner's section) Some smart person managed to save this picture, which you might have seen already.  Oh sure, don't you think she looks like the perfect mother of Brian's children?

 Now you see. You gotta admit her past is AT LEAST suspicious. Here are some info a friend of mine got. 

For all the fans of Brian Littrell and the one of Backstreet boys as a group. Believe what you may of why they haven't gone back into the recording studio. Blame it on Nick if you like. Blame it on A.J. if you may. Blame it on Kevin if that makes you feel good. Blame it on Howie whynot. But anyone dare blame Brian. No. The good little Baptist boy from Lexington, Kentucky. Well, let me clear up a few points for the ones who are too blind to see. For Backstreet not going back in the studio, is false. They did go back to the studio and ended up in a big fight. Why you may ask? First of all, do not blame the record company Jive records, don't think of blaming Nick for going out on his own, nor A.J. for personal problems, either Kevin for doing a musical, don't blame Howie for being in a tree.  As most fans do not realize, or just do not want to believe. It all comes down to Brian. I hoped and prayed for the best between Leighanne and Brian. But this I just can't keep hidden no more. Leighanne is an actress. Do you know what an actress is? If not, it someone who likes to act. Pretend she is one way but really is another. For all the fans who thinks she is nice. You need a reality check. I am going to state some facts. Review carefully, I am not trying to change your mind. I am just stating what is true. Where do I start? Hmmm... okay let's go back to Brian's heart surgery. Leighanne and Brian broke up before it because he wouldn't get it. If you love someone truly, you respect their decision. Any girl who is in love and was at that point that her boyfriend decided not to have the heart surgery would want to spend as much time as possible with him before he passes.Not break up with him and come running back when she finds out he is having the surgery. According to, Leighanne said "She hasn't gotten a lot of congratulations about Baylee." Well, a source says "The band members have a lot of negative feeling towards Leighanne."  I wonder why. Think. The fans who didn't like her in the first place. Remember, your gut feeling are usually right. then all the sudden you like her. Think as if Leighanne was some girl that you went to school with. All of you know  how people that are two face are like. Leighanne is one of them.  She is not inlove with Brian. Look around websites, articles, and anything on else that talks about Leighanne's love for Brian.  Leighanne is conceited. I'm sorry but it is true. From an article in July of 2000 when she asked about Brian. She answered "The Littrells are the only family I ever wanted." I'm sorry but they asked her feeling on Brian not his family. She is in her thirties dressing as she was going to stand on a street corner.  Brian even said He needs to try harder to make her happy. I'm sorry but if you love someone. You should be happy just being with that person. You shouldn't have to try harder to make her happy. It should just come easy. By a look or a smile. According to another recent article, Brian and Leighanne asked the producer and DJ of a local radio station to refer to Brian as formly Brian of the backstreet boys that he is no longer consider a Backstreet boy. Think back to when backstreet started having trouble. It was before Millenium.  It started when Leighanne enter the picture. Brian look at pictures before Leighanne enter Brian life. Then look at pictures after. I mean look at them. Then look at the pictures of Leighanne and Brian that are posed. Then looked at the ones that aren't. Seriously think about. Backstreet is not coming back. Now please don't cry. Pray.Pray that God will save Brian's soul. Help Brian realize Leighanne is not right for him. No one knows you better then your friends or family. Remember that as you think Brian and Leighanne has true love.  All Brian ever wanted was someone to love him for the compassionate understaning loving man he is. I'm sorry but as Leighanne said she had no clue who backstreet was when she met Brian . She had to if she met him on the set "As long as you love me" Open your fans, let's work together. To keep Backstreet a live. Whether or not  another Cd comes out. At least get them to stop fighting. Especially if the main cause is Leighanne. Brian is chosing water over blood. Brian is not chosing blood over water. I'm sorry, but I can not sit back and watch Leighanne take him for every penny he has. Especially with Brileigh production. Brian is not invovled with it. It is probably Brian's money that started it. But guess who the president is. None other then Leighanne Littrell aka Wallace.As much as Leighanne says she loves Brian for Brian. I do not believe.  I wouldn't be shock if Leighanne is trying to talk him into a solo album to make more money come in.   Here are some facts you might of not known of Leighanne. She used to be a stripper and to the entertainment business is a complete utter whore. She has cheated on Brian multiple times and I am not sure if Brian knows. But if they had true love she would of never cheated even if she was lonely. The lovely excuse she loves to give or Brian doesn't give me enough attention. I f I am wrong about this fine. But do me a favor. Pray for Brian's soul  in hopes that his life leads him in the direction it is supposed to. I know through articles, websites, and interview that Leighanne is not that pure and innocent. Always remember one thing anyone can said God bless and I'll pray for you. Whether or not they mean it is a whole another story. Just if you say you love Backstreet or Brian help guide him. Pray for him and his soul that he will see what is true and untrue about his life. You want more I do have more to say and more facts about Leighanne. I am willing to answer comments, insults, name calling, and any other things you would love to express to me.but let me say this: Brian is one of the most amazing compassionate loving men you could ever meet. He wears his heart on his sleeve. He is a gentlemen taking his cap off when formally introduce. All the aspects, any women would be honor to have in a hushband, lover, and best friend. This is why my heart goes out to Brian.

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Back to my point, remember the picture still? Doubt you forgot it. So, she's an utter whore for the entertainment business? I can't comfirm that. At least yet, so let's go back to facts, shall we? Ok, so now you agree she is AT LEAST suspicious.  Read this:

 "Brian Littrell's wife Leighanne recently told her fansites, "Wow, parenting is amazing, and thank the Heavenly Father, going great." (font POPDIRT)

 Hm... "Heavenly Father"  We all know Brian's religion is very important to him, he is a religious person. Isn't it just a bit funny that a supposed to be ex stripper calls God like Heavently Father? Doesn't it sound a bit TOO forced? Sounds like a bad actress wanting to impress, which leads me to 


Number 4

Her "career":  First off, answer this with all the sincerity you can: Suppose you like Nick from the Backstreet Boys. You are not in love or anything, but you think he is pretty cute. Suppose you have the chance to meet him. Now suppose he falls in love with you (I'll get to the reasons he might have fallen for her next). So now Nick Backstreet Boy is in love with you. He's handsome, sweet, caring AND rich. AND famous. Would you try and seduce him more, would you date him? Even if you didn't TRULY loved him? If you said "No" than you're either a big liar or you correspond to 1% of the people in this world.  Now on to her career. She was in Wild America, remember? What? You don't? Maybe thats because she appeared during a couple of minutes. But you see, she married a Backstreet Boy, now she starred Olive Juice, main character. But of course it wasn't because of her husband's fame, it was because suddenly they looked at her and thought "My God, she has talent!".  :: note sarcasm ::  Do you know who gave money for this movie? Guess. Yeah, Bri Bri. And apparently she sleeps with another man on the movie, but I'm not acusing her over that, she's an actress. I won't acuse her for saying I love you and crying over someone in the movie because thats what actresses and actors do. THEY CAN SAY  'I LOVE YOU' AND THEY CAN CRY FOR YOU, THATS THEIR JOB, TO MAKE PEOPLE BELIEVE THEY FEEL SOMETHING THEY ACTUALLY DON'T. If Brian is really in love with her than he wouldn't care to see she was a bad actress. But apparently his Backstreet fellows cared for that. Ever read this?


Number 5


"My friend's got a girlfriend and he hates that bitch..."  

Globe magazine reports as Backstreet Boys star Brian Littrell and his pregnant wife Leighanne happily await the arrival of a baby boy around the holidays, the rest of the band members haven't had much to say about it. "There haven't been a lot of calls congratulating us," Leighanne said of Brian's bandmates. A source tells the tabloid the reason behind their silence may be their negative feelings about Leighanne. "Most of the guys didn't think she was right for him," a source said. "They've been keeping their distance ever since. In the end, they just don't believe this marriage is going to last." Leighanne admitted, "Some of them had bets we wouldn't last a year."  (font POPDIRT) 

 What kind of best friends make bets you won't last a year with "the love of your live?" I begin the think the other Backstreet Boys hate Brian and don't want him to be happy! Don't you? *sarcasm again*  Do you remember Frick and Frack? How Nick and Brian used to say they wanted to be around each other for years and years, because they were the best of friends? Well, I don't see this happening. Since he got married. They live each on a side of the country, ain't it weird? That Brian's best friend, supposed to be always there, so happy for his friend being a daddy, ain't it funny Nick moved away? They drifted apart? Nick recently said Howie was his best friend for now. I don't think I'm talking bullshit, coz you see, there is only one thing that can make too super best friends (sometimes they were even TOO friendly) drift completely apart and only talk to each other through phone sporadicaly to keep a good relationship for the group. And this thing is a fight. And whenever I think of a reason I can only think of Leighanne, because she walked in the stage to ruin Frick 'n Frack. And whoever doesn't sees this is really in denial. 


Number 6

How did I fall in love with you?: Love. Lust. I've once been in love with a boy, he had brown hair and brown eyes. But you know what my LUST dream is? Black hair and amazing blue eyes, a hot body and yummy! God! Thats such a dream to me! I remember Brian used to lust for Pamela Anderson. Let me see... Blonde, blue eyes, beautiful legs, BIG breasts. Hm... Lemme think of Leighanne... OH MY GOSH!!!!  She looks SO MUCH LIKE HER!  Wonder if they are sisters?  Ya know, Brian was definitely attracted when he saw Leighanne, because she was all he lusted for materialized into a reality within his reach. Isn't it too perfect that he would end up falling in love with someone that is just the copy of his lust desire? If I see a black haried guy, with amazing blue eyes and a hot body of course I'll have a crush on him, get the hots for him! But this doesn't mean I'll fall in love. Lust and love can be together, but THEY ARE DIFFERENT.  Now, I doubt this Mr Perfect (tall, hot, black hair, blue eyes) would pay attention on me. Unless my face was in everyday magazines like it happens to Brian. Unless of course, I give him status. This can raise one's interest you know? I'm in no way saying Brian isn't good enough, hell he is more than good enough for anyone in this world, I'm just expressing an interesting point of view. 
   Leighanne says she knew nothing about the boys when she went to record the ALAYLM video... 

We met each other just in July during the shooting of that video clip. And then something got me started! Unfortunately A.J. felt the same! Because he's better in flirt than I am, he quickly started to pick up Leigh. When we finished the videoshooting, A.J. just disappeared with her. But on the next day I talked with Leigh and it seemed like we knowing each other for years. We’ve discovered that a lot of things unite us. Then happened many unpleasent situations for us, 'cause A.J. still picked up her. But we were sure already, that we belong together. The worsest moment was when Leigh came to my hotel room. For the first time we cuddled up and suddenly A.J. stood in my room. After a few horrible seconds he just went crazy. For a couple days A.J. was mad about us both, but then he accepted that.
Leigh is a girl just for me! She treats me like a normal guy. For her I’m not Brian from the Backstreet Boys, but just Brian. She sees in me a man, not a popular star. Otherwise she has her own job and successes 
( really????)- her life doesn’t center around me.

... she says she knew nothing about him, but between AJ and Brian she picked up Brian. Its practically impossible that she knew nothing about them, specially since they were already rocking in the US by then! And AJ... always known as a flerter. Brian the good, romantic one. If Leighanne went for AJ it would be just a one night stand thing. But with Brian... Oh, she had a future with this guy. Hm...

And sorry, Brian, but if I had any interest in marrying a Backstreet Boy I would have the decency of treating him like a normal guy. I believe I wouldn't seduce the guys much by jumping on their neck and saying how much of gods they were. Guess it would scare you away, huh? So, point made.

Leighanne about Brian: "The reason I'm the luckiest girl in the world? Is because we love each other so much and the love is shared. He's private as far as his personal life in public but he is funny, he's spiritual, he's good-hearted, good-natured. I am lucky! I got the best guy you'd ever want in your life and he's mine! Littrells are the family I always wanted." (July'00)

 Ohhhh....  So, she doesn't like her family? Brian should be all she ever wanted, not the LITTRELLS. And she changed her last name to Littrell. People, actresses don't change their last names. Unless you are just too damn proud to be a LITTRELL.  Did anyone else feel the bitchy felling in "he's mine!" ? 


Number 7

X-boyfriend:  Ever watched that movie Home Alone? Remember the two thieves that tried to break into the house? Remember the fat and bald one? Leighanne has been in love with him people!!!!! His name is Joe Pesci. Ugly, bald, old, fat, ISN'T IT ALL WE DREAM FROM LIFE?! Did I forget to mention MILLIONAIRE? Sorry, my bad. Now tell me, why would a hot, beautiful, young blonde woman be with such a nasty guy? 




 (pictures credits all for Littrell Fans

    NOW SAY IT, IS HE  CUTE   OR WHAT?!!!!  

Met celebrities: "The nicest ones are: Joe Pesci, Sean Conery, Kevin Costner, Robert Deniro and more." (her info in    See? She is even proud of it!

 Now tell me, why would a girl change a bald, ugly, old, fat, rich man for a young, hot, handsome, sweet and rich one? Doesn't seem to make sense...  :: please note sarcasm ::


   07/18/03 -  Now here we have a very interesting article sent to me by some friends. Its real thing. Along with it are the remarks from one of this girls, you shall pay attention since she will call you to some pretty intriguing points of Leighanne's talk. The girl's name is 

        Liz -   


AJ had his own golf cart, and Leighanne and Brian had their own. Both
Brian and AJ were on the same team, along with Brian's dad Harold,
and Brian's friend (and attorney) Todd. We all watched them golf for
a while (9 holes is a very long walk!!) but at some point we decided
to talk to Leighanne.  She was sooo... very sweet. Sweeter than last
time I met her (she was three months pregnant at the time, and I do
believe that had something to do with it).  We basically had Story
Time with Leighanne. She told us sooo... many awesome stories (some
were sad, some were funny), and after a while she expected us to talk
to her while Brian and AJ golfed. (oh boy! Story time! let's see how leighanne really is? Nice ok....maybe. I'll give it a shot)

She told us that none of the Boys RSVP'd for their wedding (oh really? Why am I not surprised? This statement just supports that the boys don't like leighanne because we all know they like brian! that's their brother), and
although they wanted them in the wedding, Brian said they should take
them out because they might not show. (Yeah they had better things to do then watch Brian screw up his life.)  All the Boys came, although
Howie was late and missed the wedding itself entirely. (No shit they showed. They all love Brian, but unfortunately none of them can stand her. Eh that's ok, D was probably trying to practice his nice act)

Leighanne also said that none of the Boys came to see Baylee after he
was born (Brian didn't see Nick while he was in Georgia. In fact Nick was in Georgia 2 times! Nick was right there and Brian didn't go out of his way to see Nick. So why should Nick go out of his way to see them? Besides Nick HATES...and I repeat HATES her guts the most) , and the only one who had seen him (besides AJ since he saw
him that day) was Kevin. The only reason Kevin even saw him was s Kevin. The only reason Kevin even saw him was

because of Harold's (Brian's dad's dad.) funeral. (Kevin is Brian's cousin and he can't even be happy for him? What's the deal? Hmmm maybe it's because Kevin knows Brian married the wrong girl.)  She even explained
why she thinks that is. (oh boy!) She said that since they were so young when
they started, they were never really taught to think about each
other, so it was every man for himself basically. (What does she know? She wasn't there from the beginning. She wasn't with the Backstreet Boys every second of their careers. And did anyone notice the boys started acting distant when she came around? She just doesn't want to take the blame for what she caused. If people actually believe the whole Frick and Frack thing is an are blind) She said they don't
really even know each other's birthdays. (Now she's just talking bullshit)

Also, she told us that she remembers the first time she met Nick, and
she said he really wasn't that tall, but each day he seemed to grow
about an inch and a half! It was so funny! (Yeah so funny. She stated the obvious. *rolls eyes*)

Another thing we talked about was previous hairdo's the Boys have
had. (Because Leighanne is such a hair expert! I bet she's the reason Brian has that nasty blond hair instead of his beautiful brown curls!)We all made fun of Kevin's mohawk (Leighanne said "What was he
thinking??") (Maybe Kevin thought it was cool and I did too. It was different. Totally not something I expected from Kevin.What was Leighanne thinking when she got her hair crimped)  and even his cornrows ("I hated those too!" she said). (Well you're not Mrs. Richardson are you Leighanne, so your opinion doesn't really matter. Besides, she's not  pretty enough or sweet enough to be Mrs. Richardson)
She also mentioned Howie's "poofy" hair, which she said looked like
Howie had set his hair in rollers; that made us all burst into a fit
of giggles. (Yeah, the only way she can get people to laugh is to pick on Brian's bandmates. She should definately be more concerned with her own hairstyles then Howie's cuz right now my dog's hair looks better than hers)

We all got her autograph at about that time, and got some pictures
with her. She was thrilled that we cared enough to ask her for one.
She signed my picture of her from the Mutt Putt. "Oh, I remember
this," she said.  (Mutt Putt? Hmmm sounds fitting for her)

"It was the Mutt Putt last year," I said.

"Oh, gosh, I was three months pregnant already!"  (Oh Boy! I am happy Brian has a son...but i totally think he has the wrong girl)

I told her that no one could tell, and that even though there were
rumors that she was, after I saw her I confirmed that she was most
definitely not expecting.

She laughed, "I hid it pretty well then..." She also told us that
months later, when she clearly started wearing maternity pants, fans
still had no clue. They'd compliment her on her pants, and then run
on the internet and say there was no way she was pregnant. It was
sooo... funny! Then we got pictures with her. I asked if I could get
one and she said, "Sure! Come here Amanda!" (My name was on my shirt!
lol) She also told us she had some "Olive Juice" promo posters that
we could have. YAY! lol Hopefully she'll still send them like she
said she would. :)  (I noticed she was looking a little fatter. But my mind was praying that she wasn't pregnant)

Another thing we talked about was Nick's solo tour. Leighanne said
she didn't get a chance to see it, but she saw a video of it and she
said she didn't think that he looked that good. (And Nick cares because...Oh wait he doesn't. Leighanne means nothing to him) Another fan said that
he'd been sick for about 10 shows with Strep Throat, but as a trooper, he just took his antibiotics and performed as he was. (Hey it takes a truly talented performer and singer to go one with Strep throat...that's a bitch! I've done that one before

(Liz's ending note: I have tried to be a Leighanne fan but stuff like this makes it impossible. The way she talks about the boys makes me sick. I am sure the reason they have such a problem, like not RSVPing to Brian's and her wedding is because of all the dumb comments she makes. She really makes herself look like a witch when she bashes them and says mean things about the boys. And frankly Brian needs to tell her to knock it off. Leighanne has no right in the Backstreet Boys's business. She is NOT a Backstreet Boy. There is something fishy about her that just makes me dislike her. Say whatever you want but a gut feeling is she is gonna get worse. Look at Brian. He looks so old...what happened to the beautiful person he used to be? Sure we all grow up and we change but Brian has changed drastically. To the point were I can't call him anything but Mr. Wallace)


       Well, I think my friend said pretty much all that could be said. I mean, does any Leighanne lover even bother to realize the BSB ain't the BSB since Brian and her got married? I'm not saying she's responsible for 100% in their coming apart, Kevin has also married, Nick's solo, but hello! Frick n Frack were a Backstreet 'thang', and they no longer exist now. And Brian's OWN cousin didn't bother to see his baby. And Brian's BEST friend didn't bother either. Weird, huh? SUDDENLY THE BOYS DON'T CARE FOR EACH OTHER.  BUT I ASK, ARE THOSE THE BOYS WE KNOW?  NOT CARING ABOUT ONE ANOTHER, NOT BEING HAPPY FOR EACH OTHER... ARE THESE THE GUYS WE LOVE SO MUCH!????  I DON'T THINK SO!  And honestly, Leighanne saying all that about they being on their own goes completely a gainst everything BSB has ever represented to me, and if I were Brian I'd be deeply hurt if she said something like that about my friends, my 'brothers'. 





    “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is a well worn saying. But promotion for Olive Juice practically begs for judgement. The most prominent aspect of the promotion is a big orange banner reading, “Special Appearances by A.J. McLean and Brian Littrell of Backstreet Boys.” Slightly less prominent is a large, smiling close-up shot of the movie’s lead actress, one Leighanne Littrell. Hmm, where have I seen that name before…? Some quick research reveals that Leighanne is indeed married to the aforementioned Backstreet Boy. A somewhat more probing look at the film’s credits indicates that Ms. Littrell also has an associate producer credit on Olive Juice.

Naturally, this information filled me with considerable trepidation. What was this thing? A vanity project for the pop star’s wife made possible by some marketable Backstreet Boys content? A tedious “teen movie” infested with boy band antics? Admittedly, I’m not completely opposed to pop star-driven movies with prominent input from their relatives. (Sadly, 1987’s Susanna Hoffs movie The Allnighter, written and directed by Hoffs’ mother, did not lead to a spate of new Bangles-related movie projects.) Nevertheless, I concluded that I was highly unlikely to be in Olive Juice‘s target audience.

But as I watched the movie, I was pleasantly surprised – at least slightly. Despite the obvious targeting of the Backstreet Boys’ young audience, it’s not a “teen movie,” but a relatively adult romantic comedy. For better or worse, the Backstreet Boys participation in Olive Juice – onscreen at least – is quite minimal. McLean and Littrell only appear in brief cameos, and there’s one Backstreet Boys song on the
soundtrack (as well as, oddly, one song written and performed by Joe Pesci).
   (....)    credits
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