~*~Richard Dawson Experience Club FAQ~*~

~*~Club FAQ~*~

Take me home, mate!
Take me home, mate!

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Last Updated: 13 April 2001.

Hello! So you wanna join the Richard Dawson Experience Yahoo! club, or maybe you already have? Well, here's some tips to keep your membership in tip-tip shape. There aren't many rules, but there are a few that I enforce. Take a minute to read the page and your clubbing experience will be a-ok. You can contact me at PhilHartman49@aol.com or RichardDawsonFan@aol.com.


1. If you join, as club owner, I must insist that you post and contribute to the club. The reason for this is that the participating club members and I have done a lot of work to make the club a nice place for fans to hang out. A very high percentage of the photos were made and edited by me, and it takes time to put up that many photos in the albums. If you're joining just to look at the photos, that's incredibly rude. You can read all the posts without joining the club, so when I here people say they don't have time to post, that bothers me, because if you can take time to join a club that you don't plan on participating in, there's no need for you to join. There's no reason why the rest of us should try and keep the club going if nobody else is willing to help. If nobody posted photos or posts, what fun would the club be? I don't mind visitors reading the posts and not joining, but if you do join, you are expected to post. If you don't you will eventually be deleted.

2. If you are deleted for not posting or for causing problems in the club, do not eMail me and ask why you were deleted or send me rude messages saying I had no right to delete you. The only reason you will be deleted is if you harass other members in any way (posts, eMail, messenger, etc.), you do not participate, you impersonate Richard, any of the club members or someone who you aren't in order to trick people or to start something or if you are trying to cause trouble in the club.

3. There will be no racist remarks allowed. We welcome every religion, race, sex and sexual preference to this club, and people should not be made to feel inferior. Most of the club is made up of girls, but we welcome guys as well, and we want the club to be equal. If you're a girl who likes/loves Richard or a guy who likes/loves Richard, you are most welcome to the club.

4. Please do not come into the club and make your first post be spam. I don't mind the more regular members posting links or advertising their sites, but if you come into the club and instantly post links and advertisements (clubs, forums, eMail lists), that's considered rude. You may place your links in the Links section of the club if you so wish, or put a link in your signature, under a regular post that you've made.

5. Anyone who creates a screen name or a post that implies you are Richard Dawson, or part of his family, will be banned! We've had several imposters and they were all exposed as frauds. There IS a way to determine this, so don't waste your time.

6. I will make sure everyone's settings are set to "Special Notices" so you will get the rare eMails that tell important club information. If you set them to "No eMails" I will remove (not ban) you. I'm not about to waste my time explaining things individually to those who can't get an eMail here and there.


- I do not like people getting posts by eMail. There are a lot of posts that are made each day and it's wise not to have your eMail box clogged with them as people tend to deleted them and they may miss something important if I send out a club eMail. The eMail option will be turned off after Yahoo is finished merging with eGroups and I have the power to turn them off. Also, most people who get the posts by eMail never post. Apparently they think this is an eGroup/mailing list, and it is not. This is a club and it relies on people's posts to keep it going. I change the photo and colours on the club often and it would be nice if people logged in to see them, instead of getting the eMails and never visiting the club. If you don't have time to log in, then you sure don't have time to read all the posts that arrive in your mailbox.

- Please do not block the club eMail address. If I have something important to say to the club members, I expect to get the eMail out to everyone. None of them should bounce back to me as undeliverable. Please be sure and read every club eMail that I send out. They aren't very frequent, but they usually have some importance, such as a Tv alert, a calendar event, or other news.

- Please do not create your own photo albums. I've ran out of maximum photo space and have had to delete several of the photos already. It's a chore deciding which ones to delete, so if you have photos you want to put in the albums, please resave them to a small megabyte size, or send them to me via eMail so I can do it for you. I can also put them on The Richard Dawson Experience website instead. They'll be seen more often there.

- If you have any problems with something about the club or any of the members, don't hesitate to contact me via eMail. If someone is annoying you or harassing you in any way, let me know. I rarely delete people for acting up in the club unless it's something serious and/or other club members suggest I delete them. So I need input so I know the person is a problem.

- If you run into any neat articles, photos, links, put a link up in the Links section and let people know you did so we can check them out.

- This club is for every one of all ages, so please try and keep the language clean, and the comments under control. We get a little wild at times, but we try to be subtle about things. The girls like to drool and squeal about Richard, but that shouldn't discourage the guys to participate in conversations. If anyone has a serious topic or question, don't feel like you're interrupting anything. Just post and we'll get serious.

- Most of what I know is posted on The Richard Dawson Experience website on the FAQs and Biography pages. Before asking common questions (How old is Richard? Where can I write to Richard? etc.), please check the site.

- When someone directs a post at you, it's common courtesy for you to answer them. Don't be shy, most of us are too. There is no little circle of friends that tries to keep out newbies. We were all newbies at one time. The key is to jump into conversations and put in your two cents. We wanna hear from everyone!

- Sometimes we get weirdos in the club who pretend to be Richard Dawson. Trust me, if Richard were to post in the club, one of us would know about it. People like to trick other people, and they can be very good at it. Don't fall for it, and if you have any doubts about something, ask me.

- If you don't want to be a member anymore, just click on the left of the club where it says My Yahoo and you can go to your Options and select Clubs where you have the option of removing yourself from the club. Please don't ask me to do it, because if I delete you, it lowers the number of clubs you can join with that name. You will also be completely banned from the club. You will no longer be able to enter the club at all, that includes just visiting.

- There is no such thing as posting to much. If you have a question, comment, review, etc., feel free to mention it because that's what keeps the club going. Even off-topic posts are permitted for the most part and I encourage people to become friendly with everyone and learn a bit about each other so we can all be friends.

- This club is for Richard Dawson fans. If you say things that make him look bad or you try to bring out the worst to the surface of the club, people aren't gonna tolerate it. So be warned that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything, or you'll have a lot of people on your case.

- When you reply to a message, it's much easier for people to know what you're referring to if you copy and paste the part of the post you're replying to. Just put that in quotes or brackets and then put your reply. It makes it easier so everyone doesn't have to go back and see what you're replying to.

- You may save my photos for your own personal use, but do not use them on your website or give them out for others to use on their sites. Please do not take photos from other websites and post them at my club without asking their permission.

- Participate and everything should be just fine.

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